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Look Who’s Turning 100 This Weekend


The Lincoln Memorial is turning 100 this weekend – it’s by far the most visited site along the National Mall.

More than eight million people visit the iconic structure and towering statue of Abraham Lincoln every year and the National Park Service is celebrating the centennial.

Sunday morning, the monument will be rededicated. 

Lincoln historian Harold Holzer will speak and actor Stephen Lang will read some speeches from the 16th U.S. president. More

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  1. Lincoln, as yet, has not been canceled, but tomorrow is another day.

    If I thought the left was at all amenable to conciliation, to an appeal to the better angels of their nature I would have Lincoln’s “A House Divided” speech read to them, taken from The Bible’s Mark 3:25. We are indeed,”Splintered by feuding”; one side looks favorably on our history, our heritage, our constant willingness to do good by God, and our shining example of freedom……….the other side does not.

  2. When will the Democrats tear it down, they’ll call it rayciss and away it goes.
    Lincoln was very unpopular with the Democrats and they are on a rip…

  3. When the Democrats tear it down, they’ll probably give it a catchy name like the Lincoln Project…

  4. I grew up just outside of DC. We had an old cedar shed on our property. My Dad said my Great Uncle brought it from the Lincoln Memorial construction site when the project was completed. He worked on the project. He said it was the guard shack at the gate.

  5. My visit to this structure came with no preconceived notions. It affected me.

    The Viet Nam memorial I came expecting my very negative bias because of a description I read about it being a “slash in the ground”. It didn’t work out that way. The sky is with you always. There was a very palpable sense of solemnity and sorrow, what I can only explain as what has been left behind by the living that traced out the names of family and loved ones with their fingers, carved into the stone as witness of their part. The ones who left us behind. If you haven’t been to the National Mall, and spent some time among what is there, please do.

    The DC Zoo is quite nice also, but a pretty good uphill stomp from the nearest Metro station.

    Gettysburg is about 80 miles away and well worth the visit if your ever in D.C. – Dr. Tar

  6. being that Abe was the first Republican President, & revered by many as our greatest President, I’m surprised that this Illegitimate Administration™️ hasn’t torn down the Memorial already … Jefferson’s also.

    btw, Steven Lang played George Pickett in ‘Gettysburg’, Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson in ‘Gods and Generals’ & Ike Clanton in ‘Tombstone’ … not too shabby

  7. @Jethro ~ that’s pretty cool … neat to be able to have a connection to historical event

    especially when you can identify it & give it provenance

  8. My great grandfather died in a blasting explosion during construction of the Washington aqueduct that supplies water to DC from the Potomac River at Great Falls.

  9. My grandmother worked at The Pentagon for a while in the 60’s, she lived in Alexandria, Va. I went and stayed a summer when I was 12. She took me to see a lot of the landmarks, including the Lincoln Memorial. The best part was I given free reign to wander around Old Town ON MY OWN during the day. Miss you Grandma.


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