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Looks Legit

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  1. Remember that toy where you had a magnetic pencil and you dragged metal shavings to create hairstyles or beard/mustache on a pre drawn face?
    That’s whatever this is.

  2. OUCH!

    Only a very queer type of chap could put up with that kind of pain. After that he might ask for a tattoo of an asshole (his or someone else’s) on his forehead.

  3. I just purchased some dog food at the local feed and grain store. A young guy and girl behind the counter. “Rewards phone number”? It’s my wife’s. He looks at me and says, Michelle? I told him yes, I’m transitioning. I think they are probably still both laughing.

  4. “You probably traumatized the poor kids”

    What I thought amazing about that exchange was, they’re just normal kids. And they’re not buying any of the shit their educators are ramming down their throats.

  5. My car parts rewards are under my wife’s name.

    I’ve heard a number of times, “You are one ugly Jennifer!”

    But I live in rural MO where you can still call a motherfucker a motherfucker, or a dipshit a dipshit.


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