Los Angeles: Antifa takes ‘impact munition’ to the face – IOTW Report

Los Angeles: Antifa takes ‘impact munition’ to the face

A person with antifa hit with an impact munition from police at the violent WiSpa protest in Los Angeles.

24 Comments on Los Angeles: Antifa takes ‘impact munition’ to the face

  1. Thanks, I needed something to give me a smile this AM

  2. Just use live ammo instead of this pansy ‘impact munition’

  3. That’s too bad. Maybe next time try blocking it with your faggy umbrella?

  4. Dumbazzez.
    Think they have the right to go hurt people and property and then whine like 2 yr olds when they get the consequences?
    They should thank their lucky stars the cops only used rubber bullets and not actual ammo.

  5. Didn’t look like a face shot to me, looked like it hit the turd in the abdominal area. Especially when he hit the ground. Normally, you get hit in the face with an impact round, you grab where you got hit.

    Damn shame though, I’d like to see more of the free-range assholes getting shot in the face.

  6. Use guns on those armed – use the pellet tear gas, paint pellets, or ballistic pellets on trespassers.

    That’s the tactical action scenarios in my neighborhood watch.

  7. My nephew took photo’s at a Kent State demonstration a few years ago and picked up a slug that hit someone near him. It was solid wood…

  8. More please. I love seeing the impact and then the high-pitched whining, especially from the lunatic Mary Poppins brigade.

  9. Took a helluva shot for a pervert who shows off his Anthony Weiner to little girls at a spa. That’s all you need to know about trANTIFA.

    Next time LA cops, hire Kyle Rittenhouse. More enjoyable theatre right there.

  10. Time to start using some DM Gas on their asses and watch them puke up that Starbucks latte. Will help clear out the Liberal Media egging them on as well.

  11. Alex Villanueva has been red pilled. The son of a bitch even like guns in your hands now.

  12. Non-lethal or not, rubber bullets cause a lot of pain
    As designed.
    LAPD wins this one.

    LAPD sent a message, or maybe an invitation to others to get their asses handed to them.
    I hope Antifa does not understand the lesson.

  13. I would have preferred to see a volley of fire at the crowd, But I will take what I can get. I bet the cop gets disciplined.

  14. More please! Keep up the good work, LAPD.

  15. BTW, who really owns that WiSpa? Suspect a CCP funded sleeper cell locale.

  16. That anqueefer folded faster than Superman on laundry day! 🤣🤣🤣

  17. It’s been a long day, I needed some good news!

  18. Anyone else notice how immediately after he went down, all cameras suddenly pointed directly at the officer?

    Antifa guy may have taken the hit, but in the long run, who’s going to suffer the most?

  19. ANTIFA should move their Future Victoria Secret plus models to the front of the lines allowing them to absorbed the impact.


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