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Red Pilled Rant by Hispanic Woman

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  1. And that is why they want us all locked up inside our homes, alone, with only the internet so they can try to control our thoughts through censorship.

  2. Kudos to her!! She is not afraid and she knows what is right. She tells them clearly that she doesn’t hate someone who doesn’t agree with her, yet they hate and try to vilify her and others that think like her. @Kevin R, you are right! They fear her and what she is saying. It will hopefully resonate to those who are fighting us.

    Say your prayers everyday.

    God Bless us all!!

  3. God bless her!!!
    That was awesome.
    It doesn’t matter what lies the media tells or what they refuse to report there are patriots out here who still tell the truth and there are more of us than the media and marxists will admit.

  4. Now that is what I call “woke”. She came to her own conclusions and was not swayed by people who called her names. She is what the left fears most of all. God keep her safe.
    I hope I see her around town. I would be proud to shake her hand!

  5. A star is born, indeed! Gave me goose bumps. She needs to be brought on stage at the next Trump rally.

    And I agree, she is the left’s worst nightmare.

  6. Well, I hate em.
    Not the me-too, useful-idiot slobs, but the puppet masters behind the scenes.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. DARN IT…


    (eye roll)

    and she is a Patriot…need a lot more like her…

  8. She’s wonderful. We need lots more like this patriot. Her testimonial is typical of most conservatives who completely turn away from the Democrat goose stepping doctrine.
    It happened to me, 33 years ago. But, unfortunately my relatives are still diehard Demwits.
    Hasn’t stopped me from fight for what’s spritually, constitutionally and politically right.


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