Los Angeles, Long Beach ports to fine shipping companies over backlog

Yep. It’s everyone else’s fault except California and its policies.

The Hill:

Officials for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach said on Monday that they will begin fining shipping companies whose cargo containers stay in marine terminals for too long as they work to reduce congestion in their ports.

Beginning on Nov. 1, the ports will charge containers that fall into two categories: containers scheduled to move by truck and containers moving by rail. 

Ocean carriers will be charged for every container scheduled to move by truck that has been dwelling in the port for longer than nine days.

For containers meant to be moved by rail, carriers will be charged after they have been in the port for three days. Ocean carriers will be charged $100 per container, with the fines increasing in $100 increments per day per container.

Port officials said that before the import surge brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, containers for truck delivery sat in terminals for less than four days, while containers for train delivery sat in the terminal for less than two days. The waiting times have since “increased significantly.” more here

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  1. Must be tax dollars are falling short from failed financial policies and money from any source is hoped to help band aide the bleeding up some.

  2. I have an idea…How about fining Transpo Sec Petey Boatigig for every day he fails to show up at work and do his f—king job?

  3. Being fined by Democrats because of problems CAUSED by Democrats to give Democrats more money to cause more problems and impose more fines.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have discovered perpetual corruption.

    Maybe China could build us a few new ports ont the stupid coast.

    They probably will when they start buying up all that dirt-cheap coastal real estate that our democRATz are destroying!!

  5. How about fining Governor Newsome and the California legislature for passing a law banning the use of semi-trucks older than three years old? Or for the law banning independent contractors (the majority of truck drivers) and thereby creating a shortage of drivers?

  6. How is trucking and rail responsible for unloading? How about California’s government not allowing any trucks on the road more than 3 years old? That wouldn’t be part of the problem with it?

  7. If those darn shipping companies would just quit shipping so much stuff there wouldn’t be a backlog would there?

  8. I’ve seen some other stuff about the unions also. They want their own to get lots of OT before they hire new additional help. Guess who has a big say on what moves on and off those ships and where and how it gets from there? It ain’t Brandon, or Pete and his bunch.

  9. All bogus since the predator and vindictive slob Biden is behind this stall. Send the bill to him and his tawdry grasping wife.

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