Los Angeles Mayor Appoints LAPD Commissioner Who Backs Anti-Police Groups – IOTW Report

Los Angeles Mayor Appoints LAPD Commissioner Who Backs Anti-Police Groups


President Donald Trump proclaimed May 14 through May 20 as “Police Week,” but in Southern California, law enforcement is under a multi-pronged attack that is financed by an unexpected source. Shane Murphy Goldsmith – the newest member of the Los Angeles Police Commission – also heads a group called the Liberty Hill Foundation that funds a number of Black Lives Matter-affiliated groups that have expressed anti-cop views.


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  1. Hippies were born in the 60s in Southern CA, kids of wealthy parents who never had to work a day in their lives, but who clearly knew more than their hard-working parents. The idle rich are the downfall of society – because they are willing to impose the government on other people (but not themselves because they are wealthy). And here is another example.

  2. Dan also described the Kennedy clan, although papa Joe got his fortune from illegal activity.
    But idle rich describes them to a tee. Massachusetts hippies.

  3. Fire all the cops. The left assures us cops are all stupid, racist, mean, nasty, incompetent, hateful, intolerant, and white. Besides, leftist members of the MSM are so much more understanding, courageous, tolerant, accepting, and better educated. So let the leftists break up the gangs, respond to armed robberies, deal with gang bangers, get between a wife beater with a knife and his wife. Why not? Every day they assure us they know better and the cops are fuck ups. So let’s give them a chance to prove themselves.

  4. @PHenry; tend to agree with you on the Kennedy’s with the exception of Jack and to a smaller degree Bobby. Both were womanizer’s (possibly Bobby the worse of the two as he apparently banged Jackie after her husbands murder) but neither would either sell out their countries to foreign interests(Clinton, Obama), sell out the taxpayer as well as Black Americans (Johnson and his war on poverty), cripple American foreign prestige and power abroad (Carter, Obama) or undermine democracy or the military shield that protects that democracy. Hell, if Jack Kennedy rose from the grave he’d be attacked by the democrats as hard as they attacked Reagan or are attacking Trump.

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