“Losers go away, but the Clintons are the cockroaches of American politics” – Daniel Greenfield – IOTW Report

“Losers go away, but the Clintons are the cockroaches of American politics” – Daniel Greenfield


Getting nuked 306 to 232 won’t get rid of them. Instead they crawl out of the rubble, greedy antennas twitching, to cash in on their latest disaster.

Wearing one of Elton John’s used leather pantsuits, her latest act of fashion revenge on the nation that had spurned her, Hillary showed up at 583 Park Avenue in the sixth month leg of her Defeat Tour.

“If you drive around in some of the places that beat the heck out of me, you cannot get cell coverage for miles,” she told a horrified Manhattan audience that included Meryl Streep and Donna Karan who can no more imagine going out without cell phone coverage than without their personal assistants.

And people without cell phone coverage, unlike Los Angeles and New York, which accounted for her “popular vote” that Hillary always brings up, don’t matter. Except around election time when even people without cell phone coverage, personal assistants and Netflix accounts are still allowed to vote.

If it’s anyone’s fault that Hillary lost, it’s the “States” part of the United States.


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  1. That graphic is awesome actually. That scrunt
    needs to count her blessings and just disappear.

  2. I was unhappy about the budget until I saw this yesterday. Now I figure as long as she isn’t in the White House nothing else really matters.

  3. Imagine a world where she really matters or is relevant. Must be a definition of at one shade of hell.

  4. shes just angry because huma is now trying to patch up her fake make believe marrwage to that weiner thingie and she’s ronry. she’d be happier if she just joined antifa and let her hair down.

  5. Reading the article, I get the impression that Daniel Greenfield is not a big fan of Hillary. Deplorable..

  6. “hicks in flyover country who can’t even get 4G on their iPhone 7S?”

    how can I “get it” if I don’t even know what “it” is ?

    4g ? IPhone 7s ?

    not interested.

    but I would like obamacare gone and taxes lowered and illegals out with a wall built !

  7. This is rich, coming from the hag who phoned in her whole damned campaign. Come on, Hillary, even Hollywood stopped using the “no bars on the phone” plot device years ago because it is so implausible.

    And I don’t care what kind of cockamamie “4G for the hillbillies” scheme she has. The person who lied about her own cell phones is the last person I want to tell me there’s a phone problem and she can fix it.

    And when Is PETA going to start ragging on the Fonzie Antifa for the excessive display of leather? Obama in assless chaps is well nigh inevitable, I reckon.

  8. The HRC Tour of Shame and Denial.

    There isn’t even pity for the loser, just huge sighs of relief.

    It’s been really windy this year, several times, making me feel it is caused by a huge group sigh of relief recurring over and over.

  9. Greenfield shares the view most americans hold about that repulsive sow. She mockingly comments about people in flyover country, yet even those folks, lacking the latest iphone, have no problem avoiding her stench.

  10. Cockroaches.
    Pekkar Gnats.
    Deer Flies.
    Amoebic dysentery.
    Dribblin Shitz.
    Chronic Flatulence.
    Aplastic Anemia.
    Fetid Body Odor.
    The Clintons have many analogs.

    izlamo delenda est …

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