Louis Farrakhan: I Never Led ‘Death to America,’ I Just Asked How to Pronounce It

Breitbart: National of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan denied Wednesday that he ever led chants of “Death to America” while on a solidarity trip to Iran, claiming that he had merely asked how to pronounce the phrase in Farsi.

Breitbart News was among many publications that reported Farrakhan’s remarks, citing Iranian media sources.

A video of Farrakhan saying “Death to Israel” at the University of Tehran was also circulated on social media.

In a press statement on the Nation of Islam website, Farrakhan slammed “misreporting in U.S., British and Jewish publications,” and explained that he was merely exercising free speech and engaging in dialogue with students. He also declared: “I am not and have never been an enemy to America, nor the people of America.”  more here

16 Comments on Louis Farrakhan: I Never Led ‘Death to America,’ I Just Asked How to Pronounce It

  1. Guy who ordered the assassination of Malcolm X for being too liberal is no enemy of this country.

    He knows what shaky ground he is on with this bullshit now that his next door neighbor is not in office.

  2. Riiiiiight. Because *every* America-loving person wants to know how to say “Death To America” in the language of terrorists.

  3. He goes all the way to Iran, a terror sponsoring muslim nation, to ask how to say death to America- for shits and giggles? And then says it along with them? But ah, he was just curious.

  4. He’s just pissed off about his “23 and me” results….35% west African, 30% non- Liberian, 25% Spanish, 10% Cherokee and forgot to write a cook book….

  5. Reminds me of Marion Barry saying, “I don’t smoke crack cocaine—-I just like the way it smells when it burns…”

    Or billy f clinton “I didn’t inhale”

  6. Dear Ann Landers,

    I met a friend of a friends cousin or brother in law. Nice guy (as most common Iranians are) anyhow…he was hard of hearing, a little slow on the uptake, and couldn’t speak a lick of English.

    He wanted to know what ‘Death to Farakhan’ sounded like. So we repeated it over and over increasing in volume hoping he’d hear it and be able to repeat it.

    My question is….should we have used a bullhorn?


    A concerned citizen

  7. Dear A concerned citizen,

    Yes, bullhorn or PA on a loop. and always add “HELLO!” at the beginning. that’s the accepted proper way to address people of his stature in public.


    Ann Landers


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