Breaking: RBG Fractures 3 Ribs In Fall

Fox News –

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fractured three ribs after a fall at her office Wednesday evening, the court said in a news release.

Ginsburg, 85, later experienced discomfort and was admitted to George Washington University Hospital “for observation and treatment.” More

In related news, last month Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell indicated his willingness to approve another supreme court nominee before 2020, should the occasion arise. Here


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  1. Can you imagine if Crooked Hilary won and was able to appoint three SCJ’s ? Man did we ever dodge a bullitt ?

  2. narcotic pain relief, staying in bed, catheter, fever, pneumonia….. urinary tract infection, falls out of bed…harsh antibiotics….. intubation……… organ failure……..sad.

  3. Meh. She only did it to create an excuse to leave within the next 6 months.
    After all, she *knows* what kind of violent retribution the Left is capable of.

  4. Was she drinking again? lol.
    Well, I hope she heals well. That’s a rough deal for an old person.
    She is going to need a lot of rehab for that.

  5. She’s a tough one. She’s a survivor of colon and pancreatic cancer…



    The left is about to go full retard

  6. Broken ribs are a major pain, even hurts to breath. At 80 years of age healing will be difficult. I wish her well but cannot wait to see Trump’s replacement choice. Carry on Mr. President!

  7. Broken ribs are very painful; someone her age, it could hurt for the rest of her life.
    Time to retire; chronic pain tends to cloud clear thinking, which, of all people, a supreme court justice needs to have, no?

  8. @CC November 8, 2018 at 10:12 am

    > chronic pain tends to cloud clear thinking

    So does drinking. And #MeToo-ing. What’s yer point?

  9. Geez. I don’t like the woman either, but I do have some sympathy for her. Broken ribs are painful, even for a young person, much worse for an elderly one. I hope she heals well, but I also hope she resigns.

  10. @MJA November 8, 2018 at 10:23 am

    > She can’t be on the bench under Rx pain medication.

    Who died and made you Supreme Court Justice?

  11. The left is so desperate to keep a her on the court, wouldn’t be surprised if they suggest she rule from her bed.
    More than likely they’ll wheelchair the stubborn old socialist into court. It’s inevitable President Trump will make the Supreme Court mostly conservative. Just a matter of time, lunatic Left.

  12. If she is forced to resign because of her health issues or dies the democraps will go ballistic on whoever President Trump appoints to replace her. Hopefully it will be after the next session of Congress begins so the new GOP majority Senate can confirm another conservative justice to replace her. The democraps can’t do squat now but bitch about it, tough luck, we won, you lost and elections do have consequences. Thank God it ain’t hellary’s choice.

  13. Just two days after the GOP gains at least 2, likely 3, maybe 4 additional Senate seats guaranteeing they can confirm a judge without Murkowski or the Maine ladies

  14. I will comment like the left did commenting about Scalia. Die Khunt Die!! I don’t wish her dead just in a persistent vegetative state, then of course the left gets to face their much advocated plug-pulling….

  15. @geoff the aardvark:

    If she is forced to resign because of her health issues or dies the democraps will go ballistic on whoever President Trump appoints to replace her.

    You mean, ballisticker than last time?

  16. If Ruth was smart enough to be a SCJ, she would have been smart enough to retire, let O’Baja name a successor.
    But Noooo!
    She had to wait and be a woman SCJ, replaced by a woman SCJ, appointed by a woman president.
    Estrogen, it’s a hell of a drug.

  17. Yes, they will go even more ballistic than they did with Kavanaugh. But at this point of time they can’t do squat about it except bitch and moan and make most of the American people hate them and the lamestream media even more than we do now.

  18. She needs to be put in an assisted living home before she really hurts herself.

    They’ve been propping her up like the movie Weekend At Baders for some time.

  19. I want to see her suffer. I want her writhing in pain. I want her to die a miserable death. Just like all those innocent babies she has helped kill by being stabbed in the heart and sucked out with a vacuum. She is as evil and vile as Hitlery Clinton. I have been praying she drops dead and Im getting closer to having them answered.

  20. For her last few months on the bench, she should make a pretty good beer coaster for Justice Kavanaugh…until she wakes up.

  21. Too funny…people are offering her their ribs or organs, if needed.

    If she needs a new asshole…I hear Jim Acosta is available.

  22. With both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the court now it seems unnecessary cruel at this point for Ginsburg to hang on any longer. Kavanuagh won’t swing vote against the constitution and while Roberts may consider himself the swing vote, I doubt he’d do so against a strong originalist argument.

    It’s not the fractured ribs that are the concern, it’s how she fell in the first place. Isn’t there anyone in Ginsburg’s life to tell her it’s time to hang up her black robe?

  23. Dr. Marco,
    What’s your diagnosis? Bone metastasis with spontaneous fractures? Straight into palliative care, then a one-way ticket to hospice?

  24. HILLARY already called Trump wanted to know if she could take Ginsburg’s place. Trump said that was fine with him but she would have to check with the nursing home staff first.

  25. Dr. Zonga,
    You know that we are not supposed to discuss our patient with anyone except the immediate family or fellow caregivers. However, considering how many people are concerned about Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health, I believe that we can make an exception in this one instance. In normal circumstances, RBG would already be in hospice or on life support. However, after consulting with President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton, we have to get her back on her knees in time for the 2020 inauguration. Then RBG can fulfill her desire to be replaced by another liberal woman Justice. According to CNN, there is an 86% certainty that she can make it to that auspicious, redemptive moment. In the meantime, her clerks have assured me that they can continue writing her opinions, and she can pretend to be a sentient being just like before this unfortunate accident.

  26. @ Third Twin and Loco Blanco

    Around the gym they call her RBG-7 … because that’s how much she can deadlift

  27. @.45-70 (at 3:19 pm): Yeah, I wish that “Anonymous” girl would make up his mind about what it wants to say. Trannies are so conflicted these days…


  28. RGB actually died in late January. They just had the new, hip, SJW Disney peel off her already leathery skin and wrap it around an old Daisy Duck anamatronic with the break, feet, and tail clipped. Those times she publicly “falls asleep” are actually when the fungineers forget to fuel her. This mobile version runs on alcohol just like Bender…

  29. Zonga and Marco, I have a talent for documenting a narrative that could make a geranium look eligible for the hospice benefit, for those hard-to-qualify-on-paper type patients.

    RBG’s admission narrative however would practically write itself.

  30. @ CC earlier: Yes, we expect clear, rational assessment of the issues in light of the Constitution. BUT – when you’re dealing with the left, clear rational assessment with reference to the Constitution is anathema. It IS all about ideology. Remember that she at least once wrote that our laws and Constitution should be subordinate to European judicial decisions and laws.

    Move on Lady…


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