Louisiana Theater Shooting

I don’t care how many of these a-holes shoot places up, they aren’t getting our guns.


11:02 p.m.: According to authorities, the updated count from the theater shooting: 3 dead, including the shooter. Seven others injured.

10:52 p.m.: Authorities said they know the identity of the shooter but are withholding it so as not to “affect the integrity” of the investigation.

10:45 p.m.: “There’s nothing to believe that there was any kind of motive,” said Col. Michael Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police.

10:43 p.m. ET: A 58-year-old white male who was a theater patron fired multiple shots, Edmonson said. The shooter was acting alone and is deceased, he said. There were about 100 people inside at the time.

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A man opened fire inside a movie theater in a Lafayette, Louisiana, multiplex, Thursday night, killing two people and wounding seven others — before taking his own life.

“There’s nothing to believe that there was any kind of motive,” said Col. Michael Edmonson of the Louisiana State Police.

The shooter was a 58-year-old white man who was a movie theater patron, police said. Authorities have his name but are withholding his name as the investigation continues.

The shooting took place at the Grand Theatre 16 in Lafayete, about 45 west of the state capital, Baton Rouge.

About 100 people were inside the theater for a screening of the comedy, “Trainwreck,” when the shooting happened shortly before 8:30 p.m. ET.

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  1. They sure did. But they also closed down surrounding theaters. Can muzzies be confused as white? Man I’m hoping this guys a muzzie

  2. Louisiana is Open Carry.

    Don’t go where you can’t carry.


    Don’t go with a gun where you wouldn’t go without a gun.

    Think about it, seriously.

  3. Leave it to liberals to ruin the movie going industry with their gun free zones and sycophant lock step rich commie sympathizers. Watch what tripe you must – they don’t make much off of me.

  4. Dad, I haven’t seen a movie theater yet with out a no gun sign in the window. Explains a lot doesn’t it.

  5. “The shooter was acting alone and is deceased, he said.”

    As they always do. Good thing about this is that he killed himself, bad things is, they can pin whatever they want to further their agenda. Dead men can’t talk, alive men lie.

  6. so if someone concealed carry a gun to the theater and stopped this guy before he shot as many people as he did, what kind of punishment would the person get?

    So they conceivably save lives, but then they go to jail for federal gun charges?

    What’s the real punishment for violating a ‘gun free zone’ in general?

  7. Shooter sounds like a distressed homosexual.

    Wigs and makeup in his room. Alone. Hangs out in dark theaters. Anger issues.

  8. It depends on the state, and I’m not familiar with Louisiana’s statute.

    Best case: carrying a gun past a “no guns” sign on private property or business is simply grounds for being asked to leave, and refusal to leave then upgrades to non-criminal trespassing. Small stuff unless you unholster/present your firearm (bad mistake).

    Worst case: it is a serious state felony and it is bad news.

    Feddle laws don’t apply unless you are carrying in a super-secure, national-security-critical installation like, oh, a post office.

  9. Three clues in the story. He was white, he acted alone, and they aren’t releasing his name. My money says he is a muzzie.

  10. this so-called “white male” was either a) a Filthy Moslem Savage terrorist or b) he was a leftist Democrat or c) he was depressed and on SSRI anti-depressants or d) all of the above

    I choose D

  11. this so-called “white male” was a) a Filthy Moslem Savage terrorist or b) a leftist Democrat or c) depressed with suicidal tendencies and on SSRI anti-depressants or d) all of the above.

    I choose D

    If it turns out I’m right, I’m going out to buy lottery tix while my luck is still holding

  12. Yeah, that sign may not have the force of state behind it.

    In Texas there is only one sign that does. Short name for it – the 30.06 Not kidding, that’s it’s number. Intentional irony? I’m betting so.

    I’ve passed many a hand-written and unofficial “No Guns Allowed” signs. They mean nothing more than “This establishment asks you to leave” if you’re found to have one on you. Only the 30.06 has the state behind it.

  13. I think that news reports should NEVER add the shooter who self-evacuates him/herself to the list of victims. I don’t give 2 poops about what happened to the shooter other than 1: did they expire by their own hand or others and 2. if they are still alive, how soon will they be dead?

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