Love Maybe Blind, But The Ladies Favor A Clever Lad


Ah, spring. When a young man’s fancy turns to…demonstrating how creative he is. At least that’s what some researchers from Scotland have concluded after studying how the two sexes evaluate the attractiveness of the other based on how clever they think their potential mate to be.

Sadly it only works on women, thus explaining the phrase “Is she really going out with him?” Men don’t perceive ingenious average looking women as being necessarily more attractive.


This finding goes a long ways to explaining the radical lesbian.

27 Comments on Love Maybe Blind, But The Ladies Favor A Clever Lad

  1. No cook. I asked my wife last night, “You smell anything in the kitchen?”
    She says no, I don’t.
    So I tell her “Me neither, get your butt in there and start cooking.”

  2. What the turn around is on ‘getting’ the smartassed comment has always been a key sign of compatibility…

  3. To attract the kinda chick I go for, a guy’s gotta be rich or well hung. I’m a broke and lonely lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

  4. Bad Brad is now in traction in Hospital. Doctors say in about three
    weeks he will have use of both arms and will be able to make his own fucking sandwich.

  5. It’s studies like this that make me wish I had been born talented and rich instead of just good-looking.

  6. @Bongo poofter – pull a Bruce Jenner but don’t get your junk cut off. Then you can start dating lesbian chicks.

  7. Viet vet. You are talented and rich, and most likely good looking too, You have a sense of humor, something over 60 million leftwing
    mudderfookers lack. Semper Fi.
    Oh BTW Do you think Bad Brad can type yet?

  8. Oh – plus if you get fake bewbs … Just saying – some guys have said if they had bewbs they’d never leave the house.

  9. It’s about picking a mate with survival skills. Same reason outlaws can be so attractive to the gals – those limiting rules don’t hold them back and ingenious men can work around problems dummies suffer from.

    Who wants a man that can’t figure his way out of a problem?

  10. @Moe Tom: Well, thanks much for the compliment on my (alleged) sense of humor, although there are definitely those who would disagree. Good-looking? Well, maybe fair to middling, at one time in the past. But hey, I’m only six lottery numbers away from being rich, though.

    As far as Bad Brad’s typing goes, I can only judge that from the grammar and spelling in his comments, so based on what I see here, I would say…

    Uh, that is, I would probably say…

    Yes, I would positively say:

    No comment.


  11. Love is blind and marriage is an eye opener.

    Ouch honey, that was the back of my head. What do you mean, “you know?”

  12. “The allure of creativity may not be limited to potential romantic partners, but extend to potential friends too, the study found.”

    So true. Who wants a boring male or female friend!

  13. I was lucky, wifey is a wonderful cook, a budding
    mechanic, and a yard machine.
    My buddy married a friend of hers and she was almost
    good at making fried eggs……bwhahahahaha…

  14. @Gladys: At my age, I now have bigger bewbs than some of the girls I dated in high school, but I still have to leave the house.



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