Low Turnout Expected For D.C. Women’s March

Are they still doing that? Those pussy hats must be so stretched out by now.

Townhall: The Women’s March is set to take place on Saturday. Some wintry weather is expected to dampen turnout at the fourth annual event being held in the nation’s capital. Much like the current crop of Democratic candidates, the various activists and affiliates that once participated in the demonstration have recently begun turning on one another, as any coalition of radical leftists tends to do. 

This year, a week-long program “that includes a story slam, brunch with drag queens and civil disobedience training for activists” was held in the run up to Saturday’s event, according to a report by The Washington Post. Other events include a “gathering” to discuss climate change and the “Feminist Agenda for a Green New Deal” as well as a training session on immigration, titled “Solidarity And The Immigration Justice Movement.” 

After years of infighting and anti-Semitic controversies, three of the four co-chairs parted ways with the group in Sep. 2019. The national women’s organization was previously led by a small contingent of New York-based radical activists, who were accused, shockingly, of not representing the interests of women nationwide. In July, a new group of board members who hail from different parts of the country were chosen to lead the group. The fourth co-chair, a so-called Latina activist who organizes against mass incarceration, stayed on board. Letting rapists and other violent criminals back onto the streets must be in the best interests of women all across America. 

Even the Democratic National Committee had to disassociate themselves from the radical organization in Jan. 2019 because of the group’s refusal to sever ties with known anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. But in Farrakhan’s defense, the leader argues he’s not an anti-Semite but rather an “anti-Termite.”  read more

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  1. “brunch with drag queens”

    …Pro Tip: If you want to be a WOMEN’S movement, stop focusing it on, you know, MEN…

    N.B. Drag Queens are to Women what Blackface is to Black people…

  2. the community organizer and his community organizers have certainly been busy community organizing the last four year

  3. I always wanted to wear the White Pants/Shirt combo with the Red Sash

    and Beret….and run in front of Them ala Pamplona…

  4. They hate men, but let them take over their group. That’s hysterical.
    Then they march for abortion, which kills tons of females each year.
    If we left these bitches in charge, we’d all be dead.

  5. I love what VDH has to say about the Left and their purity tests, and why they inevitably end up eating each other. “Yesterday’s revolutionary is today’s counter-revolutionary and tomorrow’s enemy of the people.”

    He lays it out in the first 1:30 mins. of this video:

  6. Not all women have vaginas, and many are not pink!

    Transphobia and racism on display!

    Make them live by their own rules. –Saul Alinsky


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