Maine: Muslim police officer put on leave, charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery – IOTW Report

Maine: Muslim police officer put on leave, charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery

Geller Report: The appointment of Zahra Munye Abu to the Portland, Maine police force was a lauded police first, like the hiring in Minneapolis of police officer Mohamed Noor, who killed an unarmed pajama-clad woman, Justine Damond, for no reason that has ever been disclosed (he refuses to talk, and apparently for Minneapolis authorities that is the end of the matter, and he will not be charged).

These Muslims were put on police forces because they were Muslim, not because they were competent officers. And it is the public that pays the price. The police should be chosen on merit, not so as to pander to a pressure group. Mohamed Noor and Zahra Munye Abu never should have been police officers in the first place. All police hiring based on race or religion rather than on competence ought to be ended immediately.

“Portland police officer whose hiring made history is put on leave after arrest in Massachusetts,” by Matt Byrne, Press Herald, January 16, 2018:

A 24-year-old Portland police officer has been charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery, after being arrested Saturday night at a concert venue in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Worcester police said Zahra Munye Abu, of Portland, is also facing charges of trespassing, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Abu caused a disturbance while attending a Ja Rule and Ashanti concert at the Palladium Nightclub on Main Street, said Worcester police Sgt. Kerry F. Hazelhurst.  READ MORE

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  1. The Police Academy in Germany are having difficulty with muslim recruits who just don’t give a shit. But the government insists on recruiting them. It’s been reported that they don’t obey orders, sleep in class, create havoc, start fights, threaten teachers etc. Wonderful, just what Germany needs. The legacy of Angela Merkel.

  2. Like in so many cases, and I am assuming that this in this one, people who are awarded jobs based on some sort of identity politics initiative have a sense of entitlement. Those who are awarded on merit usually have paid their dues and worked hard for what they have. They don’t scoff at rules and realize that they don’t want to mess up that for which they have worked. They have a passion for what they do couple with an overriding sense of purpose. In the end, they seek to master what they do because it has a sense of completion. Not the case for those who are just thrust into a role because check some Cultural Marxist box.

  3. So will Muslims administer the laws they don’t agree with equally, or will Muslims be let-off and infidels charged with —aw I think you know where I’m going here….

  4. I remember a number of years ago the “establishment” decided to lower the standards of the tests for the police to further the advance of black officers. I didn’t agree with this logic but couldn’t stop it and it seems to be OK now. This on the other hand is a ridiculous patch on a offensive wound. These people are not civilized enough to be in charge. Just look at the middle east.

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