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Major and Commander

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The poor training of Major and Commander says a lot about the Bidens. It’s little wonder Hunter Biden turned out the way he did considering how they raise German shepherds.

What’s most revealing is how Joe and Jill responded to clear evidence they should do something to benefit others. The dogs harmed those around them and made the White House a nightmare. But the Bidens didn’t care about the feelings of others in this situation.They wanted Commander in the White House, the Secret Service be damned. And, for nearly two years, they got their way. 

Now imagine what the Bidens would do with an issue of greater importance than a household pet, like that of staying president. More

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  1. They will dump him at the time most advantageous to Big Mike. Commiela will pardon the entire Biden Inc and step aside with lifetime retirement and protection.

    The Wookie will run and present far more of a threat than Pedo McShitpants ever could. The trick is to keep the vote count close enough to cheat out the win, and the Pedo stands no chance to do that.

    I grieve for this nation because a raging tranny will be installed unless the Lord has other plans. We can only pray…

  2. Biden is the perfect candidate for a puppet. Doesn’t even mind the arm jammed up his ass to run his mouth. It keeps the actual leaders out of sight. They won’t throw Biden under the bus until they have no more use for him.
    If we even have another election, you know it will be fixed as well.


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