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Major Announcement By Trump About Jobs Expected Tonight

Trump is skipping the idiotic White House Correspondent’s Dinner, the event where right-wing presidents are skewered for how stupid they are and left-wing presidents are roasted for how impossibly wonderful they are, and making a major announcement in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

If the whispers are correct, Trump may be announcing the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in the beleaguered and job-strapped Pennsylvania area.

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  1. Trump is confounding the elite because he’s taking steps to CREATE THE ATMOSPHERE conducive to the creation of jobs and prosperity.

    The Establishment Uniparty has proven they are only out to create strife and struggle. You know, Socialism and the equal distribution of misery.

    But bless their hearts, they’re working very hard to make things difficult for Trump.

    ….but WE. STILL. HAVE. THE.. GUNS.

  2. Well I don’t know what the announcement is but I’ll bet Ryan/McConnell etc will try and undermine him on it. Time to nail their moderate asses to the wall, Trump. Force the freakin’ ball down the field!!

  3. The insiders of the Republican Party just don’t get it, especially Joh McCain, a former Navy pilot who should know about adversaries. Basic rule of combat: Know your adversary

    The Dem’s are acting like a Team with a strategy to kill their adversary: Conservatives.

    The establishment Republicans are self-centered losers dragging us down.

  4. I’ve got friends who left at 4am this morning to travel to just get the chance to see him. I can’t handle the physical challenge but I would have loved to have gone.

    Trump continues to be a mystery to those who hate America, desire globalism, and can’t figure out how to handle a man who, while displaying the abilities and talents of a skilled politician, thumbs his nose at scam politicians.

    Thank you President Trump.

  5. Seven years later, here’s yer real “Recovery Summer” Mr Øbamboozler and it will be the real deal… or as yer retarded jackass of a VP said: a big f*ckin deal!
    I don’t expect the Alphabet “news” to remind the American Public of that major boondoggle in 2010, but wouldn’t it be nice to rub their cum-encrusted, rose-colored sunglasses in it?

  6. A minute by minute broadcast sticktock.

    CSPAN has President Trumps Rally at 730 EST for 1 hour
    The COREAss dine at 930 EST for 90 minutes
    CNN has em at 7,8,9 and 10 with Poppy Who
    msNBC may be Live, if not Locked Up keyed all in

    Fox gets wet with Watters World, so eat at 800


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