BigGovernment- Major Garrett of CBS News did what no one else in the White House press corps managed to do on Wednesday: he asked President Barack Obama a real question.

major garrett upsets obama

For his trouble, Garrett was rebuked by the president, criticized by his colleagues, and accused of racism by celebrities.

Yet he succeeded in bringing the plight of four captive Americans to the forefront of national debate, and set a rare example of journalistic integrity in what has otherwise been a dark age.

For that meritorious service to the nation, Garrett has earned a field promotion. Call him Lieutenant Colonel Garrett.

Dana Bash of CNN, who displayed great integrity during the 2011 Weinergate scandal, chose this occasion to criticize Garrett for being “disrespectful” to President Obama. And she was not the only critic.

To the Beltway chorus, Garrett’s question was more offensive than the fact that four Americans remain imprisoned in Iran because Obama has left them there.

Garrett’s exact words to the president were: “Can you tell the country, sir, why you are content, with all the fanfare around this deal, to leave the conscience of this nation, the strength of this nation, unaccounted for in relation to these four Americans?”  MORE


  1. Major Garrett hit a hot nerve with his brilliant question that knocked Obama off his pedestal! Keep asking Major.

  2. I do believe it was BFH who said on this very blog that it was the progressive press that has erected a melanin shield around Obama. The responses by the progressive press attacking Garrett are proof of just how correct BFH is.

  3. That was a good question! I’d be the most uncouth reporter. I’d ask a question that would get me fired but so worth it. Like ‘Mr president rumors are flying that the housekeepers are having trouble keeping sand fleas out of your muslim prayer rugs. Can you verify this for the nation?’

  4. He should stop showing up to these dog and pony shows. So should Fox. The asshole wants to eliminate Fox. Fox and Garret should ignore the bastardi. Stop showing up, never mention his name again. Let’s see how that goes over.

  5. I hope that Major Garrett will inspire young Columbia Journalism graduates to seek and report the truth. Right now they are just a bunch of assholes sucking on obama’s teat.

  6. preezy downlow already knows the questions that are going to be asked, including Major Garret’s

  7. I have to keep the remote in hand when watching even our best anti-LSM network, FNC, Approximately every 15 minutes, by my unscientific labwork, the b-ho’s face and voice come on. I don’t understand…

  8. News died when reporters were replaced by “journalists.”

    They write journals and aren’t, in the least, interested in facts.

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