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Malmö Sweden: Girls suffer torture rapes at the hands of muslims

Geller Report:

Sweden: Girl gang raped, VAGINA SET ON FIRE

The city of Malmö is in shock after three brutal gang rapes took place in the Sweden’s third largest city (about 300,000 inhabitants) within several weeks.

In mid-December 2017, a 17-year-old girl was sexually abused around 3AM in a playground in the district of Sofielund, according to the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Sofielund is a neighborhood in Malmö with large numbers of non-Western immigrants and high crime rates. The still unknown perpetrators are said to have raped the 17-year-old in extremely brutal manner. They then poured a flammable liquid in her lap and set it on fire, causing severe injuries in her private parts. The girl was later taken to a hospital.

Shortly before, in November, there were gang rapes in Södervärn and Segevång, Malmö. Police initially withheld specific information, but spoke of “torture-like abuse” and “very serious violence.” The situation in Malmö is tense. A police officer told Swedish SVT News that he has not experienced such a cruel case in his 35 years as a civil servant.   read more

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  1. Europe has set the bar very high for a society’s ability to endure evil islamic savagery they’ve allowed to enter their world.

    The unanswered questions:
    What is the EU’s end game?
    Why would any polite society rip, tear and destroy the cords of civility in their communities?
    How many rapes, murders, bombs, attacks and honor killings must occur before they correct the delusion of diversity and face the facts?

  2. There’s no men left in Sweden. Maybe if some of them woke up and called their inner viking they could first remove the government and judiciary that made horrors happen then begin to deport either to home or to hell all these “immigrants”.

  3. Sweden’s elders, it’s cognoscenti, the adults, the parents, the intellectuals, it’s time to act and save your children.

    Or maybe Sweden wants to kill itself.

    You have to be the dumbest culture on Earth to flood your nation with inbred, violent throwbacks.

  4. Soon I won’t be able to read these ” Demon Stories ” as the inaction is making me sick, and I’ve envisioned it for too long.
    Liberals are indeed the Anti Christ rather they realize it or not !

  5. Wow, where are the super uber fighters for women, Hillary Clinton and Linda Sarsour? They pour loads of money and energy into their own projects and interests, but women in the Middle East? Western women being raped by rabid alien scum? Who the fuck are they?

    PROGRESSIVES are psychopathic misogynostic vermin.

  6. You won’t convince me the men there don’t know what to do about this in spite their government and police – but they haven’t done it AND THEY WON’T. And the women there also know what must be done in spite of their government, their police AND their men, but they haven’t AND THEY WON’T. Like the sloppiest alcoholic, it doesn’t matter in the least if anyone else intervenes, THEY must decide to sober up, and you either unchain yourself or they’ll drag you into the pit along with them.

  7. Hate to be the dick here, but what was a 17 year old girl doing out in a park at 03:00 in a known sketchy neighborhood?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  8. Zero fuqs given. Not within the statistical margin of error, that could cover zero. Not Common Core Zero. Mathematically zero. Absolutely no fuqs given.

    I will not aid you, repairing the damage you robbed me to pay for — while robbing me to continue paying for the damage. I will not aid those who are “working against The Party” by fixing the damage The Party is causing — rather than a permanent solution to The Party. I will not give you what you hired someone else to produce, with my money.

    After you have solved The Party problem, make me an offer. Just don’t expect me to be interested in a permanent position — implementing the desires of those who wanted The Party.

  9. So the Filthy Mohammedan Savages aren’t getting deported back to their Third World Shitholes and the Swedish GUmmint keeps allowing this shit to happen. They really ARE Dumb Swedes.

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