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Man Calls 911 After Seeing A Fire In Apartment

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  1. He’s been checking out the little honey, trying to come up with an excuse to knock on her door without coming across as a perv. Then he saw her Yule fire video and it hit him; call the FD and the TeeVee newz, then mosey on over like a concerned citizen. I tell you, the guy is a smooth operator.

  2. Smooth indeed. I did try the old ‘drop the jar of mustard’ on the hot chick’s foot in the grocery store trick years ago. All I got was the assignment of clean up on aisle 9.

  3. Aw. They were both having a cup of tea. Isn’t that special? And, of course, he’s a Brit – women’s favorite country for accents. Next up, they’re already dating. More at 11.

  4. After 60 seconds, if the flame has not spread, it’s an illusion.
    Have to give him credit that he was paying attention. Hope the fire fighters were equally relieved. Sure gets the adrenalin pumping!!!

  5. Meh. If that was an actual fire, you wouldn’t be able to see in the windows anyway, unless they’d been blown/broken out.

    In which case everyone would already be pretty well aware of it.

    Plus Sourpuss is right, it wouldn’t stay in its box very long, it’s actually kind of pretty watching the way a fire spreads up a wall and across a ceiling, consuming textiles and following its own gasses until it ignites what it impinges…


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