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Man Charged with Running Down Deer

Duluth News Tribune

A 20-year-old man has admitted that he used his truck to intentionally hit three deer while driving within the city limits last week.

The incident occurred March 21 “in broad daylight right on Highway 21 by the golf course,” said Minnesota conservation officer Anthony Bermel.

Bermel said all three deer were paralyzed but still alive and had to be euthanized by an Ely [MN] police officer. More

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  1. Parking a 45-round in his brainpan is what this POS deserves. On its face, this may seem harsh, but a person who is dead inside, that cruel and mean, he is of no benefit to society and will only detract from its collective mental well-being.

  2. Back when I was obsessed with archery, I was reading that certain places in the States were considering a Supervised Urban Archery Hunt within town limits where overpopulation, CWD & risk to drivers had become an issue.

    I DO NOT AGREE with what the Psycho Punk did but it sounds like there are WAY TOO many deer if they are hanging out on the Yellow Line of the road having a Bud Lite.

    Also, How do you feel about those Self Propelled Shitting Bagpipes known as “Canada Geese” dropping Hockey Puck sized Turds everywhere?


  3. I don’t really like them modifying the front end of my car, but this guy is a classic jerk and will be known as such if he hangs out in that territory.
    The older I get the more I hate unnecessary suffering. Would it be a stretch to assume this guy is a Democrat?

  4. The deer are in the roads now because the snowbanks are massive and they are weak and starved from a long winter. I’ve watched snowmobilers take a run at deer on the lake multiple times this spring. They were out there because it was the easiest snow for them to go through and they don’t deserve to be terrorized by anyone.

    Purposely running down any animal is wrong, even if the deer are a hazard on the roadways.

    I’ve known motorcyclist who got a kick out of running over turtles when they see them crossing the road. Something about hearing the pop of their shells explode. I lost a lot of respect for those people.

  5. Deer are a nuisance.
    Twice I’ve had them run into the sides of my vehicles.
    The side! Not the front – I did NOT run into them.
    And both times the bastards survived and ran off.

    They get no sympathy from me.

    deero delenda est
    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Look up deer attacks. Them vermin will take the opportunity to hoof you to death. Walking thru my neighborhood where deer have become over populated and the county DGAF, they don’t shy away, instead hold their ground, huff at me and actually come closer. I’ve got my hand on my knife whenever they are around. But running them down is just evil. At least have the decency to fight one-on-one or clean kill choot’em.


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