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Man grilling in shopping cart arrested near Santa Monica Pier

FOX 11: A man was arrested in Santa Monica over the weekend, after he was seen using a shopping cart and a sword to grill barbecue in the middle of the street. 

Video from the Citizen app captured the wild scene. It happened before 3 p.m. on Sunday, along Ocean Avenue. In the video, the man is seen dragging a shopping cart through a bike lane. The main compartment of the cart is filled with flaming wood, while the man uses a sword as a skewer to hold meat over the flames. 

The man continues down the road, pushing the cart with him, eventually stopping, apparently trying to fuel the flames with some Bud Light.  more here

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  1. Last couple years in certain parts of the city I see ’em (you know who) drag a grill out by the curb and sell food. No license, who knows what the hell they’re cooking.

  2. They had to put devices on the wheels of the shopping carts at our local Kroger’s that lock up the wheels if you go beyond the parking lot area. I used to throw them in my truck and return them in the past from my neighborhood and I’m two miles away from the store.

  3. Mmm! Rat!

    I think I have to go and re-read James Clavell’s debut novel King Rat. It’s the first in his outstanding Asian Saga series that goes on with Tai-Pan, Shōgun, Noble House, Whirlwind, and Gai-Jin.

    Recommended reading.

  4. The Haitian cannibals have arrived. Turning people into Jill Biden’s beloved breakfast street tacos. With Bud Light and rainbow corn tortillas. Ain’t diversity grand?

  5. A homeless guy got arrested in Hartford for sitting on the River bank, under a bridge and rotisserie’s two city pigeons. Fire danger on the river bank? Zero. Anyone miss two “feather rats”? Nope

    Judge threw it out

  6. “…because that sword was being used as a meat skewer, the man likely wouldn’t face a weapons charge.”
    Officer, that’s not a pistol I’m holding….it’s a hole punch!


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