What Does it Say That the Most Reasonable Democrat Today is Actually Brain Damaged? – IOTW Report

What Does it Say That the Most Reasonable Democrat Today is Actually Brain Damaged?

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  1. He went to a treatment facility for mental/neurological problems as a Democrat and was, after successful treatment, released as a Republican. I think leftism is indeed a mental illness.

  2. Fetterman will never be reelected as a democrat. He’s right about the idiot protestors too, they’re not winning hearts and minds with those tactics, they’re too hateful. Reminds me of when Roe v Wade was first passed, the old Catholic women would be outside the clinics screaming bloody murder. You’re not going to bring people to your cause acting like that.

  3. Lurch rules! Their creepy & their goofy & all together kooky. Always a must in late October. Be very very careful, these types of critters have been known to turn on their owners.

  4. Well I guess I have to say: :Well John, it yer gonna start makin sense around here, I’m goin home”.
    The man has really surprised me, that’s for sure. I think that possibly he’s one of those people who aligned himself with democrats because that was the culture and the way to go at the time who was never indoctrinated into Washington ways and methods, looked around and said “this is insanity”

  5. I think that democRATz thought that Fettterman would be a brain dead puppet/tool (like their total Jackass in the White House) that they could use at will.

    Then the fog cleared and he turned into their Frankenstein.

  6. It’s been truly interesting watching his, well for lack of a better word, evolution. I mean, honestly mind-blowingly fascinating. Don’t get me wrong, there are some true liberals out there that are starting to wake up and wonder if the Dems have completely lost the script. The really bright light bulb hasn’t gone off for a lot of them so I’m not holding my breath. Fetterman, though, he’s just downright saying no to most of the insanity. Who wouldn’t thought it wouldn’t been him doing it?

  7. I’m no expert by any means but I have scrubbed in may Neurosurgical procedures and have seen a few dramatic transformations in patients from the state of being a vegetable totally lucid in the here and now!

    I have now idea what’s going on with this guy (if it is the same guy), but he almost seems legit and it could have been some surgical procedure that caused the transformation.

    I don’t really know, I’m just going by my own 50 year old experience in the fiend of Neurosurgery.


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