Man Killed While Trying To Take Selfie With Injured Bear

KFI: A man in India was mauled to death after attempting to take a selfie with a wounded bear in the Eastern state of Odisha Wednesday the Hindustan Times reported.

Prabhu Bhatara was driving a group of people home from a wedding when he stopped to relieve himself in a forest area. The victim spotted the bear and decided to try and approach the massive mammal to try and take a selfie with it, despite his traveling companions urging him not to.

As the man approached, the bear became aggressive, and attacked Bhatara when he got too close. A stray dog tried to get involved, biting the bear, but it was unable to help the victim.  MORE

WARNING: There’s video. It’s from a short distance away and you see the bear pretty much kicking that guy’s a$$, but no blood.

Never EVER mess with a bear!!! I thought this was obvious, but there are stupid people on every inch of this Earth.

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  1. Jeez. Just read about a docu filmmaker who was killed by a giraffe. Gives me pause about having my picture taken holding the neighbor’s cobra.

  2. Looks like he was trying to get the cell phone from the bear. There were two times he stood and could have run away. STUPID.

    Yes, I watched. I don’t mind when an adult does it to themselves.

  3. I shot a rather small bear at twenty yards right through the heart. It spun and tore off down a trail and I thought I missed it, but couldn’t see how. So I went to see where it went and it looked like someone had thrown buckets of red paint on both sides of the trail. So I followed it and it made a hard right turn and it went another fifty yards then the blood disappeared. I was beside a five foot diameter blow down Doug fir on my right standing there scratching my head. So just for the hell of it I took a gander over the tree trunk and saw the blood once again. The bear, about a buck fifty or so, had made a right turn and went through a hole under the tree a volleyball could not be shoved through. So I climbed over and went another twenty yards down another trail and there stood the bear’s ass facing me. So I grabs me trusty Ruana hatchet and whacks me down a seven or eight foot sapling and then circled around said bruin and got in front of it. Then holding the sapling alongside the forearm of me Marlin I gives her a poke right in the eye. The bear was dead, leaves and duff were pushed up in front from its nose when it’s front undercarriage collapsed while still under power. But get this, the rear legs were still going when it went down and ended up tucked under and from the rear it looked like it was still alive.

    I don’t fk with bears, a few months earlier my buddy got a shell jammed and a similar size bear gave him a damn good shaking when it grabbed him by the knee. Lucky for he spun and all the bear had was his Key loggers britches in its teeth. But Keys are made of double canvass and are pretty Goddamned substantial and until the buttons for his suspenders ripped out he was as stuck as a bug on flypaper and being given the Raggedy Ann treatment. This bear had been shot pretty good and still had plenty of fight and a fifty gallon drum of pissed the hell off fueling its fury and had Dave not kept hold of his Marlin and managed to get another round chambered and into it it would have busted him up pretty good. As it was turned the damnest shades of green and purple all the way from his neck to his heel on the right side and wasn’t able to do much for about a week and he is one of the toughest guys I have ever known.

    When I used to hunt bears a lot I used a Marlin 45/70 because I likes me some big medicine available if things get interesting. Most guys used Marlins in 35 Rem, but a few of us were belt and suspenders kind of guys and we toted 444 Marlins or 1895s. A bear has to be broken down or they are still fast on their feet right up to the end and have enough power to go through you like shit through a goose. They will use you up in a hell of a hurry and after Dave came out of his pants it would have been back on him before he could get the rifle sorted out if the dogs had not been in the fight.

  4. The moral of the first part of that story is: that small bear was dead but didn’t know it and had it come at me and I couldn’t finish the fight before it slammed home it would have been able to use me up before it died even though it had a 45 caliber leak right through its heart. Unless a bear is broken down it is still a threat until is is kaput and even if it is broken down be ready to get another round into it until you have given it a poke in the eye with a long stick to see if it still has any fight left in it.

    In case you think you have a snowballs chance in hell of outrunning a bear watch this vid

    No you can’t

  5. @ JDHasty

    I make sure any animal I shoot is dead. My buddy dropped a moose, went twenty yards back to his four wheeler, got his knife, left his gun and went to field dress his moose. Just as he got there, the moose jumped up and, lucky for my friend, trotted away.

    A shot in the head when animal is down is pretty cheap insurance.

  6. majorityofone

    Buddy shot a moose calf up at Williams Lake and the molly came after him like a locomotive… so he retreated to the safety of the cab of his brand new F250 that was parked twenty yards away.

    By the time she was finished doing a bit of body and fender massaging the truck was a total loss. It looked like a prune with wheels on it by the time she finished.

    had a friend hit a mule deer buck with his new Kenworth and tossed it over the snow bank that plows had left… so in order to at least get some groceries he grabs his tire iron, climbs up on the fender and jumps into the ditch with the deer. And the battle was on, that deer managed to horn him in the rib cage and toss him out into the freeway and that is what saved his ass. Passing motorists administered first aid until the paramedics got there. Broken ribs and a punctured lung were the diagnosis.

    A doe can disembowel a person in a flash
    never let your kids feed deer. Dogs are far more durable than humans.

    My mother was driving to work in Texas and saw a small Texas buck bouncing up and down like on a Pogo stick in a front yard. When she got home and was watching the news a guy went out in his bath robe to get his paper and the buck literally made mince meat of him.

    Wild animals have a lot more strength than a world class athlete. They have teeth and hooves and claws. An eagle has ten times the grip strength of the strongest man, if they get hold of a large dog it is likely that they have it by the mouth so it cannot bite and then will crush its windpipe if it gets hold of it.

    A black bear charged up to a two-year old replacement heifer from behind brush at a buddy’s place and with one swat broke its neck right in front of him. He thuty-thutied the bear in behind the ribs and it ran off into the brush, but he wasn’t taking any chances and waited for reinforcements to arrive before coup de gracing the bastard. That bear was shot through the liver and was sick as hell, but went a couple miles and ripped up a half dozen six inch caliber fir trees and a hay bunk venting its rage.

  7. There is an account on the web of
    a rancher that lasso’d a huge white
    tail buck deer and it almost killed him…

  8. If I had wild “animal muscle”
    or better yet “wild cat” muscle
    in my senior decrepit body I could
    whoop Chuck Norris.


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