Dying Weirdo Crank McCain Requests Trump Not Go To His Funeral – AS IF HE WAS GOING TO GO

Does McCain think he’s a head of state?

What does he imagine his funeral is going to be like? Every network tuned in with a white horse drawn hearse splitting throngs of crying mourners? I guess it could be like that if his wife pays enough money for it.


WASHINGTON — People close to Sen. John McCain have told the White House that the ailing Arizona Republican does not want President Donald Trump to attend his funeral and would like Vice President Mike Pence to come instead, a source close to McCain confirmed to NBC News.

McCain, 81, has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer for nearly a year and is back home in Arizona after he underwent surgery last month for an intestinal infection.

 The senator, the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, said in an audio excerpt this week of his forthcoming memoir, “I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here,” according to a clip aired by NPR.


60 Comments on Dying Weirdo Crank McCain Requests Trump Not Go To His Funeral – AS IF HE WAS GOING TO GO

  1. Ah, the joy of finally ridding yourself of that stubborn hemorrhoid that just wouldn’t go away.

  2. Spiteful prick right to the end. I wish they could find a way to flush him instead of burying, it seems more appropriate.

  3. Notice how this self absorbed jackass is making all these public statements now the end is near? He’s seeking attention and pity, his ego is still in high gear.

  4. McCain’s wife’s father got rich from his Anheuser Busch distributorship. I doubt that even the Clydesdales would be willing to show up.

  5. Don has made it clear to those paying attention – he does not go to leftist GOP funerals.
    How many hundreds of times did the LSM tell us he avoided the Bush funeral!

    Johnny never was a star; but still wants to be. Dumb stunts like thin and the LSM treats him as a star – “15 min”.

  6. I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.

    Mark Twain

  7. When is the funeral so I can block out the date on my calendar? Hey, we’re all busy people, John.

  8. His could be well attended, have it down town and well advertised that will be passing out free subway footlongs and 40s, well maybe smart to hold off on passing out the 40s until ready to evacuate.

  9. I guess John feels it’s necessary to show the world what a small vindictive excuse for a man he is while he’s still here. How embarassing for his family.

  10. McAsswhipe’s gonna be quite busy sending out ‘do not attend’ letters to everyone that has no intention of attending

  11. Problem is he may well be buried in Arlington. And no one will want to go there to piss on his grave, out of respect for American Heroes.

  12. “Instead of flowers, please send a donation in John’s name to the Clinton Foundation or the ACLU, or George Soros.”

  13. Why would President Trump even want to attend McLames funeral? I can’t go either. I have to bathe my dog whatever day the funeral is.

  14. I’ll be starting a GoFundMe. Anybody know how much a pair of Russian hookers’ll cost?

  15. Want to know for sure who the enemies of this country are? Just take note of those who do attend! Making a list and checking it twice!

  16. You know who else isn’t going??

    The sailors from the Forrestal that died when shithead McCain failed to comply with the LSO’s wave-off.


    A coward until the end. He spit venom all his life, now that he has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel, he doesn’t have to guts to uninvite a sitting President. Try to stab at him from the grave too.

  18. What a petulant, man-child of a senator…. Just imagine how many more there are like him, infesting our government for their own profit.
    Wake me when the score is Cancer-1, McStain-0.

  19. I think I may stand across the street from the Cathedral, with some signage that highlights some of his career high points. The Forrestal incident. His “Songbird” years,His investigation of POWS left behind after Vietnam. Not to mention all the photos taken of him with Calif al Bagdadi. What a hero!!

  20. I read somewhere that obola was going to be giving the eulogy. Should that surprise any of us?
    The other note is that McStain wants his wife to take his senatorial seat.

  21. So McShitstain will be the first scumbag buried in the basement of the outhouse at Arlington National Cemetery? Good. Better dig a deep hole in case Kerry wants to be buried there too.

  22. He’s one of my Senators, the other is Flake. I know, I know…we apologize to all of America for sending two Rino traitors to Washington.
    I will, however, pray for his soul and wish him God Speed to wherever he’s headed.

  23. McStain, a Deep State operative soon to be deep six. Not sad news.
    His hate for Mr. Trump is eating away his brain faster than the cancer cells.

  24. @ClawofBluegrass May 5, 2018 at 10:43 pm

    > Wake me when the score is Cancer-1, McStain-0.

    Careful what you wish for. Cancer can’t win this fight. The best it can hope for is to sacrifice itself, for the American people. A true hero… what? oh. my bad.

  25. Where will John McCain be buried? I’d like to take a massive DUMP on his tombstone!

  26. I wanna talk to whoever is gonna shove the cotton balls up his ass. I got a better idea! Let’s…

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