Many Blame Obama For Exacerbating the Black/White Divide in America – IOTW Report

Many Blame Obama For Exacerbating the Black/White Divide in America

It wasn’t Obama. It was this—->

Should Rodney King have been beaten like he was?


But white people are beaten by cops all the time.

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  1. Worse day in our Country’s history is when the first African slave stepped off the boat onto our soil. We are continuously paying the price even after slavery was abolished nearly two hundred years ago.. I think we have paid enough of a price for slavery. Hope this nasty, racist slag who voted to acquit the butcher Simpson joins him in Hell. Lazy racist Bitch.

  2. I distinctly remember the general condition of black-skinned Americans in the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s. This was before Obama and his sidekick Bill Ayers and the rest of their kind decided to organize communities.

    One of my dearest friends, a young black man who I met in the Air Force Reserves, was an award-winning photographer for the CBS affiliate in Seattle. Another good friend (also black) was looking forward to a secure retirement from years as a Metro bus driver. My late husband’s best interior design clients were a black couple; she a lawyer, he an accountant — both with prestigious Seattle companies. These are just three examples from my own sphere of people who were, apparently, not feeling oppressed and marginalized. And they weren’t outliers and they weren’t “diversity” hires, either. They were respected for their expertise and highly-regarded as hard-working, talented, good people. Just among my work colleagues were black men and women in executive positions at the very large financial company. They led technology teams and operational teams. The idea that they were where they were for any reason other than they were well-qualified never entered into the thoughts of those who worked with and for them.

    If it seems I’m painting a rosy picture here, it’s because it was a rosy outlook. Seattle was a good place to be back then.

    It seems today, if you are black and successful at what you do, you have to make it clear that you achieved your success despite the hardship of omnipresent racism heaped on you by a guilty white privileged society. If I were a black American, it would make me very angry to have to toe that line in order to be found acceptable in the eyes of anyone.

    And the irony of the Obamas is that they sure as hell don’t believe their success came on the heels of Affirmative Action.

  3. Silly negroes. I remember when the verdict was announced. Just afterwards I was going to lunch and overheard SheBoonDuh, a security guardess, talking into her cell phone about the wonderful decision to free O.J. I felt sorry for SheBoonDuh for not knowing how badly said decision had fucked her future employment prospects.


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