‘Many Leftoids Think They’re Better Than You… HAHAHA!’

Only thing they’re better at is regurgitating what they are told to memorize.

🔥Some spicy language.

7 Comments on ‘Many Leftoids Think They’re Better Than You… HAHAHA!’

  1. I’ve liked him, still do. But but why did he line up those containers to his left to show 666. Seems strange to me.

  2. He’s right about leftists.
    The next town over from me is Cape Elizabeth. (You say that with a bad upper crust accent).
    A subsidized housing company is building a 4 story building right next to town hall. The majority of people in town are libtards. They are ticked off that the town approved it. Even though it’s the nicest looking housing building I’ve seen
    Ha ha ha!!!

  3. Styx is an excellent political and social analyst. However, he’s compromised by Satan. According to him in his videos, he grew up in a Christian home and may have confessed Christ as Savior and Lord at a young age. He seems to be into Witchcraft, rather than Satanism now – not a real difference.
    Christians should pray for Styx. He needs to come back to the Truth.


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