Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism

(AAPS Speech – 2021.10.01) Dr. Peter McCullough gave an extensive rundown on everything Covid-19 vaccines, from safety and efficacy to the fraudulent “approval” of the Pfizer vaccine.

A Guide to Home-Based COVID Treatment – McCullough, Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Jane Orient.

Zelenko treatment protocol

H/T Mary Hatch

4 Comments on Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism

  1. His talks have a habit of disappearing from the net and the previous download capability on my puter has also stopped working. Still with as much as what’s out there you have to admire the brain washing that has successfully taken place.

  2. I remember seeing him very early on in this “pandemic”, at the time he wasn’t full on against what was happening. He is a damn effective opponent of what is being force fed to us now.

  3. Here it is, almost 2:00am. Just finished listening to the entire presentation.
    Brilliant man, scary, sad, but enlightening.


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