Then: McAuliffe ‘Very Concerned’ About 2020 Voting Machine Hacks. Now?

Dem now says Republican opponent’s call for voting machine audit is ‘dangerous,’ ‘disqualifying’


Virginia Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe, who has attacked his opponent for backing voting machine audits, said he was “very concerned” about hackable voting machines in the buildup to the 2020 election.

During a 2019 interview with HBO’s Bill Maher, McAuliffe suggested that Russian hackers could target electronic voting machines in the United States, citing his issues as governor of Virginia with hackable voting machines. The former governor is singing a different tune now, attempting to smear Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin’s voter integrity platform as a front for former president Donald Trump’s “conspiracy theories about voting machines changing votes.”

“Oh, I’m very concerned! Russia is going to be as active as they’ve ever been,” McAuliffe said after Maher asked if the 2020 election would “be on the up-and-up.” The Democrat went on to recall past issues with Virginia’s voting machines, noting that “technology experts” were able to “hack into our machines from off-site” and change votes “within four minutes.”

After Youngkin called for an audit to “make sure that people trust these voting machines,” McAuliffe labeled the move “dangerous” and “disqualifying.” McAuliffe, however, signed the state’s 2017 law to require an “annual audit of ballot scanner machines,” which he still supports today.

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