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Marco Rubio Staff Leak Inane Strategy to Politico

cruz goes after rubio

BigGovernment[…] Politico sets the scene in Rubio’s headquarters when Cruz said during the most recent debate that he didn’t support legalization:

In that moment, Rubio campaign manager Terry Sullivan, top adviser Todd Harris and communications director Alex Conant recognized what they’d accomplished because they’d been planning this exchange all along. Not only had Cruz just contradicted his own statements from 2013, he’d used words that gave them the opening they had been wanting to turn their rival’s anti-establishment narrative on its head.

So, Rubio’s “trap” for Cruz was to compare his stated position to a hostile legislative amendment filed to a proposal he was opposing.

“This was an attempt to kill the bill,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, co-author of the Gang of Eight bill said of Cruz’s amendment. “And there was no doubt at the time that Senator Cruz knew it would do exactly that.”

What Cruz understands is that the goal of Sens. Schumer, Durbin and other Democrat amnesty supporters is not to bring 11 million illegal immigrants humanely “out of the shadows,” but to turn them into voters. Cruz’s amendment exposed that truth.  read more

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  1. From the same crew who brought us President Shitstain and Mittens! These guys couldn’t run a gas station at a profit even if they stole the customers’ cars.

  2. Boobio has really exposed himself as a very typical South Florida punk. I now immediately associte him with kind of deceitful scum from that area like Anthony Bosch, Biogenesis, Alex Rodriguez, U.M. coaching staff, and all of those money hungry status symbol liar scumbags.

    He is a disapointing sleaze bag.

  3. The fact that he hitched his wagon to this Gang of Eight tells me all I need to know about him. There is nothing that he could ever do or say that will mitigate that.

    A leopard can’t change his spots and the stain of the Gang of Eight spots are what I see whenever I hear the name Rubio. It defined him for me for all time.

  4. I knew right when Rubio started parroting Chuck Schumer, and stating that a Republican President would never be elected again without the Republicans embracing Hispanics, that he was either too naïve, or too stupid to ever be entrusted as potential presidential material.

    To believe Chuck Schumer had the best interest of the GOP in mind is laughable, and in reality, it is the Democrats who need to import votes from third world countries. It’s the Democrats who need voting blocks who won’t move up the socio economic ladder and remain wards of the state

    Rubio is a putz.

  5. And how fitting was it that Shmucky Schumer delivered the coup de grace to scRubio yesterday when he came out and said that the Boy Wonder knew exactly what he was doing with the Gang of Rape? The dems wanted to put him away as they originally saw him as the worst enemy of Hilldog.

  6. Amazing the weasel who openly pushes for open borders and unlimited amnesty is trying to make another competitor out as being an unholy, dirtbag type of scumbag weasel on immigration because he wants the same thing he does?

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