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  1. Liberals have always been a bigger threat than Islam. That includes government workers and those parasites that vote for socialism. A (mostly) unseen result of the liberal agenda is to erode the integrity of the people of this country. An example of this can be seen in the churches that are now filled with apostates. When one loses their integrity they in fact are losing their soul and along with it the power to change things for the better.

  2. Moore is a disgrace to humanity and should be forced to live among the savage beasts of izlam.

    (with a pork chop hung around his neck)

  3. I’m offended that someone felt the need and made the decision that it was necessary to bury those two Moslem a_wholes in compliance with Muslim tradition. The decision of a moron imo.

    Cremating them and scattering their ashes at a corporate hog farm would have been a better choice.

    A good spot being the corner of the hog pen where they take a crap. Hey, hogs may have a reputation for being, well, pigs, but if you ever raised hogs you will have noticed they don’t crap all over their enclosure, the pick a corner for that duty. Or at the slaughter house would be a good choice too.

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