Texas Troopers Will Be ‘Permanent Border Shield,’ Says Governor – IOTW Report

Texas Troopers Will Be ‘Permanent Border Shield,’ Says Governor

BreitbartTX: Texas Governor Greg Abbott addressed a graduating class of 102 new Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers Friday morning, calling them the “frontline of defense for our state and for our nation.”

The Texas governor told the new troopers they will be the first part of what will become the “new permanent border shield.” He explained, “You will stand against threats known from the drug cartels, transnational gangs, human smuggling and trafficking operations, and threats unknown from those who seek to wage war against our freedoms and our liberty.”  MORE

8 Comments on Texas Troopers Will Be ‘Permanent Border Shield,’ Says Governor

  1. Gov Abbott should take the next step: Deploy Texas National Guard armored vehicles along the Tex-Mex border. The Gov does not need Federal permission to deploy Nat’l Guard assets within his own state.

  2. It costs us a lot of money to do the job the Federal Government should be doing. I would send the soldiers from Fort Hood down to the border to train. Problem solved.

  3. Good job Governor! Stand up and take a bow…er uhh ever mind, this is outstanding, I mean upstanding, no what I really mean is that you are head and shoulders above the Gov or Arizona…

  4. U.S. troops training in America is one thing. Still can’t deploy on American soil and take military action when it comes down to it. IIRC.

    Can call that a Paper Tiger move. Looks bad ass but has no teeth.

  5. Probably put the troops in unnecessary danger as targets that can’t shoot back.

    Like Ft Hood is to a shooter on site.

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