Marine Vet vs. Amazon Porch Pirate! – IOTW Report

Marine Vet vs. Amazon Porch Pirate!

25% of me thinks it’s fake, but the other 75% is laughing so hard that I don’t even care if it is.

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  1. Idiot was actually digging in his ass to confirm he shit himself.

    He should have tasted it to be 100% sure.

  2. Humorous, for sure, but the punishment does not fit the crime. Unless he gets his ass beat, thoroughly, and with either broken bones or a fair amount of blood requiring a visit to ER, he will never learn and will just keep stealing.

    About the only thing I admire about Sharia Law is that they know how to handle thieves.

  3. A flash bang would have ripped the clothes off him, he’d be bleeding from the ears and unresponsive for some time.

    Or are all small fireworks called flash bangs now?

  4. @Lowell
    That was not a military grade flash-bang. That was one of the knock-offs you can get off the internet. Basically a half power M-80 with flash powder.

  5. I would just love to see one of these low life assholes grab their chest running for the car with the packages and terminate right there on camera!

  6. Man, this USMC recruitment commercial is dope. Waaaaay better n’ the dude climbing the mountain or the dragon slayer dude that turns into a dress blues Marine.


    It seems more true to life somehow.

  7. welp it’s just like the swindler and racist Joe Biden once instructed his bleached and cheap-lookin’ wife to do: “Shoot through the door, Jill!” LOLOL

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