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Sweden And Finland Rush to Join NATO, Turkey Objects

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The governments of Finland and Sweden have officially moved to join the NATO alliance, with the two nations submitting their formal documentation to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg this morning.

Stoltenberg, in accepting the documents, called it a “historic” moment, adding “I warmly welcome the requests by Finland and Sweden to join NATO. You are our closest partners, and your membership in NATO would increase our shared security.” More

Meanwhile, Turkey’s ruler, Erdogen has vehemently stated his nation’s opposition to allow the two Nordic nations to join the alliance. Here

6 Comments on Sweden And Finland Rush to Join NATO, Turkey Objects

  1. We shouldn’t GAF what Erdogen thinks. He may have nukes, but he is a muzloid who, when push comes to shove, will turn against America in a heartbeat.

  2. So, they got the European Union, their common currency, the Euro, and 30 members in NATO with maybe two more if Erdogen gives in.

    So, why then is the United States involved any more?

    Time for us to cut the cord. WWII is over.

    Or is it, Eurobabies?

    Trump has BIG scissors and I’d love to see them do some cutting!

  3. Sorry, boys. The NATO membership drive is closed. Now that the Russian Bear is a bit aggressive you look to NATO (well, let’s be honest, the US) for protection? We have our own problems here and don’t need to guarantee the safety and security of nations, NATO members or not, who thumb their nose at the US at every chance they get. MY advice? Learn Russian.

  4. Erdogen is a muslim POS. They shoukd never been allowed in NATO.
    Turkey is no friend. The Thirty-Year Genocide tells the story of Turkey’s religious cleansing; Mass murder and expulsion of the country’s Christians—Armenians, Greeks, Jews and Assyrians.”
    I agree Europe should defend their own Nations, the US should bring back all Military and no longer fund European Nations. It’s time to rebuild our Nation and help our citizens before we become prey.

  5. Norway should block Finland and Sweden too. Bandwagon jumpin’ muther truckers. The fudge you guys been for the last 70 years?

    You want in, NOW?

    Pffft. Form your own damn alliance.


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