Marine veteran tries to escape cold, wind and rain but Walmart refuses to let him in – IOTW Report

Marine veteran tries to escape cold, wind and rain but Walmart refuses to let him in

USMC Life: A Marine veteran was forced to stand outside in the cold and rain, while collecting money for Toys for Tots, in front of an Ohio Walmart store.

marine veteran toys for tots walmart forced out into cold

People across the nation who got wind of the story are now outraged that the vet couldn’t seek shelter inside — while temperatures dropped to the low 40’s in Medina over the weekend.

Someone snapped a photo of the vet and posted it on social media with the caption: “He can bleed and die but not stand inside.” The post went viral within hours.

A group of  vets were collecting money for Toys for Tots and the local VFW when they asked to go inside.

But the store manager refused to let them in, according to WKYC. The manager told the local station it was against the company’s solicitation policy to allow the vets to be inside collecting donations for the children’s charity.  more here

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  1. Sam quit rolling over in his grave due to his kids and started spinning years ago.

    Those kids remind me of the punk brother of Hank Reardon who wasted all the money Hank gave him and wanted more and more

  2. How many managers has that store had???

    I’ve been avoiding Walmart like the plague the past couple of years. I hate their quality of everything. From crappy meats down to the crappy fabric in the crafts section that feels like recycled wax paper. Look, if you’re there to buy a T shirt for $5, because it’s “cheap”, don’t be shocked if you’re buying the same T shirt 4 times over the year because of wear and tear. Now you’ve spent $20, when you could have waited for a sale somewhere else and got a good piece of clothing for that price. But, that’s just me.
    Although, for entertainment value, they can’t be beat. Walk into any walmart after 1am and you’re gonna see everything from a Mexican circus act to a Man walking around wearing high heels, a Raider jacket and a mullet… And long ago he lost his pants, and his mind.

    My point is- I’m not for banning or protesting them. We all have choices, and we should exercise them vigorously.


  3. The Walmarts around where I live were pretty normal until about 12 years ago when people started flooding in from other states.

    What disgusts me the most about shopping at Walmart are the elephants and hippos that block the isles on those little electric carts that were made for frail crippled people. They’re not disabled, they are obese because they are too lazy to walk or exercise. I see more of them every time I go to town; the cows in the surrounding pastures don’t have asses that big! lol

    I hate to shop there now, but it does save me money. I don’t buy clothes or meat there either. Not a bad place to buy electronics, though. Good place to have photos enlarged too. And if you shop online, they carry just about anything you can imagine. I’ve gotten some great deals on long-term storage food from them with a 30 year shelf life. Of course, I might not know if that food sucks until 20 or 30 years down the road. lol. No, really, it’s a top line brand and it was cheaper than buying direct from the people in Utah who make it.

    There are much better places to shop in Fayetteville, but that’s a bit of a drive. I try to remember to hit the little mom & pop owned businesses that are suffering because of the Walmart competition when I can. Wish it was all made in the good ol U.S.A. again.

  4. Two-fer rant:

    Let me guess, someone in a hijab with eye-watering body odor once complained that the sight of a Marine made them nervous, right? Or maybe it was the teacher who wants to teach in urban schools who is uncomfortable saying the word “white.”

    Buy American, Americans! I know it’s hard to do since we have lost over 50,000 businesses, among which are nearly all our manufacturers. But how about this? Do without! Unthinkable? Hardly. During WWII we did without plenty and we weren’t even talking about 97″ flat screens tee vees and PS2’s made in Asian factories. In the last two years I have purchased 2 pairs of jeans, a nice sweatshirt, a pair of pajamas, some socks and one pair of tennis shoes. Need a lunch pail for your kid, recycle a paper bag. “Deprive” yourself and your family a little, but for heaven’s sake don’t rail against cheap foreign products and the loss of American jobs while planning your next trip to Walmart or Target! Once you get off the shopping-as-recreation-and-entertainment addiction, you’ll be surprised at how many other things you can fill your and your kid’s life with. I’m not advocating being “green” (that’s a whole ‘nother crappy topic), but I am saying that you can reclaim your life’s purpose and discover just how much cheap stuff you can live without, without feeling deprived. It’s very hard to claim loyalty to American goods and services while you’re loading up your cart with substandard junk from Malaysia, Vietnam and China. Our so-called standard of living is being dictated out of a dingy back office somewhere in the third world.

  5. I stopped going to the Walmart around here because of a lack of quality, cleanliness and seems to be filled with musloids on Saturdays for some reason. Don’t see this in the Target right across the street for some reason.

  6. Our Wally World is like entering a Third-World country. The cashiers are the only folks speaking English, and even some of them have heavy accents.

    But that’s okay, Walton heirs. If your targets are messcans, meth heads and miscreants, you’ve succeeded. Good luck with that Obamacare crap and $15 minimum wage.

  7. It would benefit the nation if a one day boycott of ALL Walmarts and their Chinese junk cost them millions! They would get the picture!! This manager must belong to local church groups, clubs, Shun her!!!

  8. I stopped shopping at Walmart about 5 years ago when I bought a cheap flashdrive made in China that had a malware virus on that killed my computer. Now I only buy flash drives that are made in the USA.

    And it made me realize just what kind of substandard junk Walmart was selling, without giving a crap about the customer.

  9. I stopped going there when their CEO co-signed a letter with the president of the SEIU supporting the Marxist Healthcare Takeover. Not one cent since, not one tear shed.

  10. I’m actually shocked that this happened here. Medina is a nice, typical small town–the county seat in a pretty conservative county. I used to live there, on Reagan Parkway!

  11. I suspect that the manager of that store is no longer a manager or at least her career path has now ended. The kids of Sam Walton are liberal progressives like so many offspring of successful men or women. Really a shame. In any event I still go to our local Walmart for sales just as I shop at a couple of other stores who have specials on. This that were complaining about the shoddy merchandise seem to be forgetting that the majority of the time you get what you pay for so if you’re paying five bucks for a cheap t-shirt made in Vietnam don’t expect it to last much more then 20 or 30 washes before it dulls out.

  12. 1. No one has a RIGHT to use Walmart properties for fund raising for their private charities. NO ONE.
    2. This was a voluntary activity, the Marine could have simply gone home if it was too cold for him.
    3. Toys for Tots is a totally misguided PRIVATE charity, not an official function of the USMC.
    4. Being a Marine does not entitle anyone to a special access to private property to raise money for their favorite charity.
    5. Being a Marine does not automatically mean that this person has Bled and died for his country, or for anyone else. And if he had, what level of special access to Walmart should that grant him? ZERO.

    Personally, I would like to see all charities banned from retail stores. I am totally fatigued by being solicited by everyone kids to buy their cookies, popcorns, or to give money to various veteran’s charities. Then add to that every retail store cashier asking if you want to add a dollar to your bill for the store’s favorite charity. NO. I just want to buy stuff that you sell. That’s why I am here. If I want to give free toys to overentitled poor kids, I know where some live. I don’t need the USMC to act as a middle-man.

    (/close rant)

  13. Yeah, see! And that good stuff lasts forever if you take care of it. I’ll never trade in my eight pound chrome toaster for a new one. I’ve changed the cord on it once since I got it at a garage sale. I think it was made in the ’40s.

  14. l have too much respect for children in need , even if it is only a toy and even more respect for the Marines who donate their time to this worthy charity. I’ll make dam n sure I never buy a toy from Walmart that would end up for a tot.

  15. “so if you’re paying five bucks for a cheap t-shirt made in Vietnam don’t expect it to last much more then 20 or 30 washes before it dulls out.”

    Which was my point. Spend a little extra money, or don’t complain.

  16. I only buy American-made ammunition at Walmart – it always costs less because they buy in quantity. Sure, you can find it cheaper online but shipping eats any savings up and you have to use a charge card.

  17. My oldest was born at Medina General Hospital. We got stuck behind an Amish buggy on the way there from Wadsworth. Couldn’t pass….funny as hell now.

  18. Total BS by the store manager of that Ohio store. The manager needs to be fired! The manager obviously does not like the military, and probably hates law enforcement officers too.

    The Wal Mart where I live, an Arizona town, let the Marines inside the store at the entrance. I gave some money to the handsome young Marine who was there at the time I went into the store, I shook his hand and thanked him for serving our country. He was very gracious.

    I do not like Wal Mart, and I will not go to Target because of Minnesota Gov. Dayton. I get tired of all the charities asking for money because I have money taken out of my paycheck to charities I chose to contribute to. And yes, certain stores ask during check out if you want to contribute to some charity. But these service men and women are doing good by being visible and reminding people who voluntarily fight the dirty, stupid, senseless, money making wars the politicians usually start. The military needs to be shown respect by everyone.

    (We the people may need the military on our side on day)

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