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  1. Authentic Peaceful muslim Refugees terrorists.

    Remove 3 MSM redundant words and replace them with one redundant reality word.

  2. It’s not up to us to find or “appoint” peaceful muslims. They should be willing to show themselves to us. But so much crap has happened, who would even believe what they say? Even their own book tells them to lie. It’s not for us to prove them peaceful, it’s up to them. And they’re going to have to live with that stain for all time.

  3. It’d be funny if that truck was filled with tampons.

    And I see that even among muslims, blacks are the tip of the looting spear.

  4. Yeeeaaahhh. .. . I’m just as glad I’m NOT a truck driver in Europe. I’d be in jail for 1-carrying a gun and 2-using it to shoot and kill muzzies to protect myself, my livelihood, and my cargo.

  5. A truck load of pork would be better! Loaded to the brim, blood, guts and all, so that it spills on them as the force the doors!

  6. As far as I can see, Muzzies are thieves and parasites. And the good ones, if indeed there are any good ones, are silent. I say the only good muslim is a dead muslim. There should be a bounty for each raggedy disgusting beard peeled off from their ugly faces.

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