Mark Dice: 14 Year-Old Red Piller Worries the Left

16 Comments on Mark Dice: 14 Year-Old Red Piller Worries the Left

  1. I remember when the Dems were all excited about the little girl statue standing up to the big bull statue. They’re not so enthused this time. I reckon it depends on whose ox is being gored.

  2. It needs to be accompanied by a video of Jefferson Airplane singing White Rabbit. And the real world is not the a facsimile of the Matrix either although the left thinks it is. I used to think that 1984 was far more dystopic than Brave New World but BNW is far scarier with it’s vision of a world controlled by endless entertainment, rampant sex with anybody and anything, and drug use out the wazzoo AKA Soma and when you die you’re erased from the memory bank forever. I am John The Barbarian.

  3. Soph, the 14-year-old girl that Dice featured is INCREDIBLE. She could literally destroy the democratic party with her intelligent biting sarcasm and humorous parodies making liberals heads explode. Subscribe to her YouTube channel while she’s still there.

  4. So, my daughter graduated last Thursday from a high school that did away with the valedictorian/salutatorian system in favor of the cum laude system. “More kids are recognized” blah, blah, blah… But, guess what? Everyone in the class knew that my daughter was valedictorian. It was no secret to the kids. There was only one other summa cum laude and he was the salutatorian (also known to the kids). My daughter made a speech (and quoted Ayn Rand) directly after the cum laude presentation. She also received the first diploma.

  5. Sorry, not a fan.

    This is the same lazy approach that the left used a few years back to champion one of their causes;

    Little girls saying “F#CK” or being potty mouths is not revolutionary, astute, erudite, or compelling, it is just a lazy attempt to emote coolness.

    The same lesson HBO keeps failing to learn; cutting edge, smart, thought provoking scripts do not need f bombs peppered through out the dialogue.

    This girl definitely has something, too bad her handler parents think profanity laden dialogue is a substitute for being clever or witty.

  6. Remember, you are “far-right” if you subscribe to rational thought and reality and you do not believe in the Democrat Party’s untruths like there is no gender, unsustainable tax, welfare and immigration policies, free shit for everyone and their other totally bizarre ideologies. Wear the label proudly. Unless we fight back, all is lost.

  7. I subscribed to the Soph channel for free speech reasons. She’s putting out some interesting stuff, but she and her writer(s) are young enough to be short on historical and social context. You’ll see that in her treatment of various religious practices. Can’t really blame her, given her likely educational experiences.


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