Mark Dice – Biden out of Gas Already

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  1. Grandpa Gropy Biden sure looks snappy with that fabulous face lift and the remnants of that old hair transplant. His slurred words and that catchy slogan are going to work like a broken defibrillator with his people. It’s going to be very entertaining watching this enfeebled moderate start lurching further towards the left just like Hillary Rodham Clinton did in 2016. But, those socialist voters who have been promised all that free stuff by the other contenders in the Socialist-Demographic-Reparations-Homosexualists Party’s death spiral aren’t going to welcome his stroll down the memory hole. Biden is heading for an ignominious end.

  2. Biden had two brain aneurisms in 1988. He’s got a panoply of other health issues. He’s on all kinds of medications and is at high risk of having a stroke.

  3. Americans are getting used to winning, leadership, and principles. In the unlikely event one of the unfit, totally unqualified, two dozen or so pathetic democrat candidates wins in 2020, the democrat party is going to be set back 20 years. Demo commies will be wiped out in state elections and will lose badly in both the US House and Senate. So far all the demo commie candidates combined do not have the brains of President Trump.

  4. May the democrats tax corporations. Guess who pays the tax? Customers of the corporations.

    What morons the followers of the democrats are.


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