Mark Dice – Dem Strategy, Bounce Trump Off Twitter

10 Comments on Mark Dice – Dem Strategy, Bounce Trump Off Twitter

  1. Go head, Mr. Trump will either invent, or move to a new platform and Twitter will die on the vine

  2. Another 80+ year old geriatric suffering from dementia. Seems like congress is all older than dirt or young clueless morons. And one muzzie Congress critter is one too many.

  3. there is something VERY wrong with the democrat elites every move they make comes from the hades handbook.Do they really think they will be rewarded with extra physical life?(from the oh so trustworthy little g god they serve), for pushing and following the hoard to hell? It’s hard to believe they know what they are giving up, I guess spirituality with truth love happiness and fulfillment after a life lived to the best of your ability, believing in our CREATOR and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST(-: is not highly rated within the ilk of democrat fueled liberalism.I hope they wake up, there are no redo’s , no matter what a false idol tells you

  4. Very limited skill set they have.

    They have three ineffective weapons.

    Shut UP!



    SHUT UP, RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!


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