Mark Dice- Epstein Conspiracy Theories

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  1. Off topic but any tall sailing ship fans go to SHIP CAM-Algonac,Michigan USA. The tall ship Picton Castle is at dock right in front of camera.

  2. One of the wildest conspiracy theories that I’ve heard is that he offed himself ala David Carradine style while choking his chicken so he could have an auto erotic orgasm because he was such a horny bastard that he needed at least 3 orgasms a day. It makes about as much nonsense as all the other conspiracy theories do. The whole thing is entirely suspicious and smells to high heaven.

  3. The Halliburton Space Ship of Doom flew over Epstein’s jail cell, dropped a grassy knoll (reinforced with Vulcan-Svengali mind meld sauce) right outside the cell door, forcing Epstein to wad up his paper bed sheets and strangle himself.

  4. Used his records, pictures, videos as get out of jail leverage told his powerful friends, get me out or else oh yes and if I die it goes public.
    So they faked his death and got him out.


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