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Mary Burke Practices The Ugliest of Politics

PJ Media – In a move of utter desperation, Mary Burke (D-WI) has resorted to the worst form of name calling in the hours before election for governor.   She seems incapable of comprehending irony of runs ads that associates the sitting governor with Nazis and racism, while claiming that if elected she’s going to call for an “end to divisiveness.”


Ann Althouse is having none of it and makes a clear link between Burke and the unhinged left in Wisconsin who have a long, disgraceful history of the same tactics.


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  1. Wisconsin liberals like to portray themselves as limousine liberals but in reality they are a bunch of backyard hicks. Madison is loon central

  2. If you had a great top management job in a multimillion dollar company why would you quit? If you were good they would find a way to keep you no matter what.

    Mary, you were fired.

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