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Friends in High Places – Financier William Ackman doesn’t like Herbalife and shorted the company’s stock (a short is a bet that wins if the company’s stock price falls). That bet didn’t work out as well as Ackman liked, so he took a new tack and tried to convince congressional Democrats to pressure the FTC to investigate Herbalife.   House member Linda Sanchez (D-CA) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) both wrote letters to the FTC demanding action.


h/t The Daily Signal


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  1. Ackman is nothing less than an armed robber. Oh, he’s not holding the gun himself; he has hired the biggest gang of thugs around to hold the guns for him. It would be hard to argue that it wouldn’t be simple justice for one of his intended victims (an Herbalife shareholder) to shoot Ackman just the same as if Ackman had engaged in a home invasion robbery.

    Crony “capitalism” is ugly, and this case is especially so.

  2. Ackman is a snake and there are numerous rumors of his insider trading, the Allegan deal leaps out at one if they know how the markets work. He’s also a huge contributor to the DNC

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