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Gotta Fill That Quota

China Daily – In an effort to retain arable land (and discourage ancestor worship), the Communist Chinese have instituted a quota system for cremation in Guangdong province. So what does a bureaucrat do if he doesn’t have enough bodies on hand?  Why steal them from the neighboring province.



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  1. For more than a decade, a certain quota of bodies for cremation each year was assigned to governments at all levels in Guangdong according to the death rate of the previous year. The number of bodies for cremation was set at the beginning of a year; however, the number was not allowed to change in line with the actual deaths in a year. To complete the quota, officials in local government came up with idea of buying dead bodies.

    Given the level of respect for human life that the Chinese are reputed to have, I’m surprised the govt officials didn’t just go out and shoot people to make up the quota shortfall.

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