Mass Shooting Survivors in El Paso Suing Walmart

They say they aren’t suing for money. They say.

USA Today-

A family left coping with the devastation of the El Paso Walmart mass shooting is demanding change in a lawsuit they filed against the retailer that argues the attack could have been prevented.

Jessica and Guillermo Garcia, who were both severely injured in the Aug. 3 mass shooting, filed the lawsuit against Walmart Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Texas LLC on Aug. 30 in El Paso County district court.

The lawsuit, which is not asking for monetary compensation, is seeking to get answers as to why Walmart did not have armed security or measures in place to prevent the shooting that resulted in the deaths of 22 people and injured another 24.

Patrick Crusius, a white male who told police he was targeting Hispanics, walked into the store Aug. 3 and shot at hundreds of customers and employees.

The lawsuit claims Walmart officials were grossly negligent by failing to have proper security in place to prevent the tragedy.

Coca said the lawsuit’s goal is to make sure Walmart puts in place policies including hiring armed security guards that will prevent anyone else from having to suffer like his family and dozens of other families.


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  1. If these innocent victims had been armed they could have protected themselves (or at least fought back). I do not expect anyone else to protect me or my loved ones.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Safety measures? I was in a Walmart a couple of weeks ago and a man on a Segway almost ran over me and that was right after a woman riding a bike zeroed a couple of people in aisle 7!! Cleanup in aisle 7 was rightfully deemed necessary!

  3. We should order people to buy guns as part of a well regulated militia. And if they refuse fine them on an escalating scale like obamacare.. ( Not my idea I read it elsewhere, but it’s brilliant.) And double the fines for San Franciscans, my idea).

  4. “… why Walmart did not have armed security …”

    Uhh, I’m sorry … you want “armed security” to protect you against armed nutjobs?
    Except through preemptive strike (which is premeditated murder) NO ONE can prevent a nut case from acting insane.

    Walmart’s intention is to protect Walmart from shoplifters (and shit like that) – protecting the public is the job of the Police – not the job of Walmart.

    But it would be a stretch for the judiciary to exhibit any common sense.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. …You want security guards?

    I used to have to interact with security guards in emergencies.

    There was this one guy who wanted to lead our fire engine to a fire instead of telling us where it was, and decided the best way to get there was through the parking garage, which was both too small and too weak to hold a full-dress, fully crewed pumper. Our engineer wasn’t stupid so he stopped, and the security guard got PISSED that we “weren’t following his orders”. We had to have LEO sit this guy down while we found the fire ourselves. And even if it HAD fit, through the garage was a stupid route anyway.

    Then there was the one that got mad when the Police didn’t do what he wanted. He got in a Seargant’s face (BRIEFLY), yelling about “THIS IS MY JURISDICTION, AND I’M A POLICEMAN! The sergeant, none too gently, sat the lad down and disabused him of BOTH those notions. Last I saw him, he was in the back of a cruiser, apparently on his way to learn some OTHER stuff about law enforcement.

    Then there was the one who wanted to demostrate to my squad how a shopper at Biggs poisoned herself trying to find out what the rat poison smelled like, by grabbing the open container and huffing it HIMSELF. Now, we needed ANOTHER ambulance…

    …one of my favorites, though, and most pertinent to this “security guards pwotwect me” concept was the day a Mall Marine was patrolling near a mall jewelry store when some armed robbers showed up. He had Mace. They had Uzis. He decided very quickly that discretion was the better part of valor, and ran like a cheetah for the door, leaving the saleswomen to their fate. Happily, the robbers were content to liberate a few rings, but they COULD have taken hostages, or COULD have taken their lives, and Mall Security would not be able to prevent it, or even SEE it, wedged under his dashboard the way he was.

    …many security guards are frustrated police, who couldn’t make the cut physically, mentally, or legally. They are typically VERY poorly paid (and if Wal-Mart did the paying, it would be WORSE), and are in many cases as apt to ROB the store as protect it (yes, this happens, search it). I would WILLINGLY trust my safety and my families’ safety to NONE of them.

    …at the end of the day, the ONLY person you can trust to guard YOUR life, is YOU. No security guard, not even a LEO, is OBLIGATED to do so if the danger is high. The ONLY reliable system, then, is you get your OWN gun, train with it, and YOU protect you and yours.

    No Wal-Mart employee, armed or not, will change that.

    …I got a lot of OTHER Mall Marine stories, but that’s a different subject for another day…

  6. Armed security? In a gun-free zone? Isn’t arming security just escalating the violence? Take guns away from cops

  7. 1) A store is under no legal obligation to provide security.
    2) How many stories have we heard of employees being fired for trying to stop shoplifters? And you want armed security shooting at people?

    No, no, and no. If Walmart wants to hire security, that’s up to them, not you, and not the state.

  8. …Krogers, Wal-Mart’s self-appointed stepchild, has visibly armed guards in all the Black neighborhoods where I live, but not so much in the upscale ones.

    ..Hope no one thinks that’s rayciss of them or anything…

  9. If you can’t sue the police for not protecting you? Just how are you going to sue Walmart?
    You can sue but you can’t win.

  10. I thought that the Supreme Court ruled that police are under no obligation to protect you and then only after the act against you has been committed!

  11. And Wally World just did the opposite.

    WalMart has been known, in open carry groups, as a place to lose your virginity as an open carrier – you wouldn’t get harassed.

    They just banned that and, by trying to distance themselves from the gun issue by getting rid of gun-related sales of any type, are now exposing their customers even more.

    Hopefully, this law suit illuminates this fail in logic.

    You guys are right! You can’t expect others to prevent crime happening to you. That’s why you do this suit – to put that impossible responsibility on their shoulders since they are preventing your own self-defense.

    It takes something like this to show the real consequences of their choices.


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