Massachusetts moms fight over baby formula at Target – IOTW Report

Massachusetts moms fight over baby formula at Target

DMUK: A mother took it upon herself to confront a fellow mom at a Target store as she was filling up her shopping cart up with baby formula. 

The entire interaction was captured on video and later posted to TikTok as one  woman attempted to hold the other to account. 

Although the woman’s face could not be seen, the contents of a cart were clearly visible with more than 30 bottles of baby formula stashed inside.

The clash is said to have happened as a target store in Massachusetts but the problem is not isolated to that particular state but nationwide, with a shortage of baby formula on the nation’s shelves.  MORE

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  1. Okay, let me say what desperately needs to be said: Ladies, you had one job. Okay, make that two jobs. Make babies and feed them until they can eat solid foods.

    And, yes, sometimes things don’t work out. Still there are a few tens of thousands of generations that somehow survived.

  2. Chalk up another win for the democraps. Create a crisis and listen to the lemmings scream for the government to fix it.

  3. “Work of the Enemy! Such deeds he loves: friend at war with friend; loyalty divided in a confusion of hearts”
    -JRR Tolkien, “The Return of the King”

  4. BOOM… @ Different Tim. God help us all if the US Government is in charge of the Toilet paper supply.


  5. “He knew nothing of the Housewife Massacre in ’24 until his wife told him about it three weeks later-two hundred police armed with tommy guns and high-powered move-alongs had turned back an army of women marching on the Southwest Food Depository. Sixty had been killed.”
    -Richard Bachmann (Stephen King), “The Running Man”

  6. LuvntheBIGsites
    MAY 21, 2022 AT 5:01 PM
    “BOOM… @ Different Tim. God help us all if the US Government is in charge of the Toilet paper supply.


    The government IS in charge of how much toilet paper goes in an MRE.

    I would say, but I’m hoping an irascible vet like Burr shows up to, eh, “express his feelings” about it FAR better than I ever could…

  7. If the goobermint is in charge of the toilet paper supply I am going to the nearest liberal’s house and scooting across the carpet.

    Expect more of this behavior as more items become scarce.

  8. Two programs to help:
    B O O B I E S
    Breastfeeding Of Our Beautiful Infants Every Snack
    P E R K Y T I T S
    Providing Every Real Kid, Youth Their Ingestible Tasty Sustenance

  9. I read that in WW II the British goobermint decided 5 sheets of TP per day was sufficient for their troops. Rationing and all that.

  10. It’s amazing how many I run into, that can’t imagine how the human race survived before toilet paper (which only became commercially available around 1857) or baby formula (commercially available 1860s).
    Whole swaths of our populace will be worthless when their luxuries are taken away.

  11. The woman with the cartload of formula likely did not need it for her children. Chinese buyers have been buying up formula in the US for a long time, especially since their poison baby formula incident. (The same Chinese buyers cleared the shelves of N95 masks in 2020, on orders of the CCP and before WHO declared the Xi virus a thing to worry about.) It’s a racket and it makes big, big money.

    Stores with no purchase limits by now should be sanctioned by their state and local governments. There are ways around purchase limits, but it does go a long way toward slowing down panic and speculative buying.

  12. It’s almost like government deliberately pitting people against each other.
    What’s an angry mother bear with hungry cubs to do?

  13. The CDC spews their vomit – do not use home made recipes for formula as the water you use may contain pathogens. No mention that commercial formula has to be mixed with the same water.

  14. Today’s female bodies are not the same as female bodies were years ago. It’s sad how many right of center people here cannot seem to understand there are times when the body doesn’t cooperate. Even sadder how many right of center women allow right of center men to carry on as they do.

    Many cowboys would simply get knocked out by rifle butt left and right 100 years ago. Yet most of today’s version of Brad type cowboys would suffer death by blood clot.

  15. I understood your first sentence, Immortal Fish, but it all went to shit from there.

  16. Erik

    He’s shit faced and another sub standard male that for some reason a total stranger seems to threaten. I don’t get it.

  17. He used to make sense, years ago. I am drunk here sometimes, but I’m pretty sure I make sense even then, unless we are assing off with Burr.

  18. Ok, in the evening you can rest assured I’m drunk, or getting drunk. But…

  19. No doubt she was going to sell it on Ebay at quadruple the price. She should have been curb stomped

  20. Just as the democrats/liberals/rinos/globalists propelled the domestic terrorists blm and antifa (et al) to attack Americans, so are they doing with the deliberately engineered scarcity of baby formula and supply disappearances. Their goals are to create chaos, violence in every form, murders, mass shootings (think Buffalo, NYC’s Eric Adams, Chicago etc), savagery, ravaging, crime, brutality, and every other tactic used to turn Americans against one another. In these ways, sinister dems distract and create diversion from their criminalities which includes the RICO-worthy prosecuting, exposure, and public exposure of Joe Biden and his street-corner money-grubbing lowlife crack-smoking free crack pipes for all family.


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