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Sen. Sullivan Lists What Biden Has Done Just in Last Three Weeks to Block Oil Production

RedState: I’ve previously reported how Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) took Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm apart when she tried to blame rising gas prices on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Then there was Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) who exposed an insane announcement from the Interior Department about stopping all new oil leases. Interior Secretary Haaland also refused to tell Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) whether it was environmentally better to produce oil in Venezuela or the U.S. — his point being if this is about what’s better for the environment, you’d want to produce it here. Yet the Biden team is hindering production here, while reaching out to Venezuela.

How can the Biden team claim that they are doing everything they can to bring down gas prices, if they continue on the path they have been on since Joe Biden came in — being anti-energy?

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), who comes from the oil-rich state of Alaska, blew the whistle on that by listing what the Biden Administration has done, just in the last three weeks that has impeded oil and gas production during his questioning of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. more

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  1. I’m not sure how in heaven’s name one person, one singular person, has the power to shut domestic oil. Let me say to elected Rs in Congress. If you are elected in overwhelming numbers in November, your first order of business in January is to pass a!law, hopefully veto proof to open all domestic drilling. Prices would drop in a day. And inc in that law no president can stop oil production without the consent of the governed thru Congress.

  2. Even better, I think ALL executive orders need to be severely curtailed. They should only be allowed when the U.S. mainland is directly attacked by a foreign power. The damned politicians have proven that they will abuse the executive order power any time they can.

  3. The real issue is with the bureaucrats, the *kill fossil fuels at all costs* ideologues, many of whom were put in place by Øbama during his cursed, god-forsaken time in office. Unelected little tin horn dictators are deciding our fates and future and it’s not giving me a warm fuzzy.

  4. Stop2think – One person does not have the power to to shut domestic oil. The real powers have simply made it look that way by installing a demented puppet in the White House. The real power is the cabal of Communist democRATs that seized power in 2020!

  5. Part of the point of COVID is to lock you down. Render you immobile. These gas prices do the exact same thing. Rents up 30 percent. They say foods up 30% on average. I say closer to 40% and I do all the shopping. You can’t feed your baby. All these problems impact poor people much worse than people with money. Is their goal to start a class war? I dunno. But these people have a plan for us. And it’s not a good one.

  6. Repeat after me….

    He’s just the meat puppet signing the documents OTHER PEOPLE prepare.
    The people behind ALL of the insanity were not elected, are not accountable
    and almost all of them are acting from behind the curtains so we cannot
    know WHO is actually running the show.

  7. The WHITE SUPREMACIST DEMOCRAT JOE BIDEN & COMPANY is using himself as the globalists’ trojan horse in the worst ways possible in attacking our vulnerable children by engineering starvation methods, supply stalls, children’s ethnic backgrounds via his well-known career segregation tactics, housing, their education, parenting, pedophilia, child seks trafficking, frankenstein trans-mutations, medical/health deceptions and trickeries. One of numerous examples is the one-trick donkey-faced and vindictive people-hating AOC issuing her hellish “book” which portrays children as the go-to for perverts and degenerates to exploit them while the citizens in her districts live in perpetual poverty, hunger, filth, decrepit neighborhoods, and hopelessness. THESE, and many others besides the manipulation of oil, are the goals of the evil Joe Biden.

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