Kamala Harris Gets Way Too Excited About Electric Buses – IOTW Report

Kamala Harris Gets Way Too Excited About Electric Buses

RedState: The Biden administration is really keeping its eye on the ball in this moment of economic downturn. While you watch your investments go up in flames as the stock market crashes, and inflation destroys your savings, Kamala Harris is out in the world, doing what’s important: Getting way too excited about electric buses.

The intrepid Vice President, who might as well be a character on “Veep,” gave us the low-down in a speech where she described how awesome it was to have buses with no exhaust. There’s a lot of competition this week, but I think we’ve found the most tone-deaf utterance by an administration official this week. There’s always Saturday, though. more

21 Comments on Kamala Harris Gets Way Too Excited About Electric Buses

  1. Exactly TRF.. even more exhaust created, just moved to a different location.

    It’s very comforting knowing the intellectual depth of our leadership understand all these things.. Oh, wait

  2. “Kamala Harris Gets Way Too Excited About Electric Buses”

    …no, no, NO Kamala, its electric TRANSPORTATION, NOT electric PENETRATION!

    …ohh, SCREW it, this stupid, horny BITCH!

    I QUIT!

  3. This vapid child is just so fatiguing…

    Does she have to act like a excited juvenile all the time?

    Just so embarrassing to and for our country to have this imbecile as Vice-Resident

    To every Demonrat who “voted” for a pedophile and a stupid infantile whore I say just go fuck yourselves.

  4. No exhaust, until the bus batteries burst into flames, billowing black clouds of toxic smoke block the sun and a half dozen diesel fire trucks race to the fire. Then a giant diesel wrecker hauls the blackened hulk to the scrap yard. Meanwhile,the entire electric fleet is stood down while the cause is determined. And the diesels are brought out of mothballs to take up the slack. But no exhaust.

  5. No one ever mentions the dangers of EMF radiation. What are the health affects of exposure. What if you are charging vehicles overnight near your bedroom (assuming they allow you to have electricity). Are kids getting too high an exposure on an electric bus with 50 live cell phones. Who knows, but we will find out over the next 20 years the hard way just like with everything else they assume is safe.

  6. The only exhaust being issued is from the mouth of the overweight gluttonous slob whose ChiCom-connected husband has stock in the stupid things. Add the fact the Harris woman was recently filmed struggling dumbly trying to charge up some “electric” vehicle. REAL men and women don’t drive wind-up toys. pitifully comical. lol

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