Matt Gaetz Grills Military Brass on Drag Shows and Racism – General Milley Commits to End Drag Queen Story Hour on US Military Bases – IOTW Report

Matt Gaetz Grills Military Brass on Drag Shows and Racism – General Milley Commits to End Drag Queen Story Hour on US Military Bases

GP: Matt Gaetz took General Milley and Secretary Lloyd Austin to the woodshed during Wednesday’s House Armed Service Committee hearing.

Rep. Gaetz (R-FL) opened his questioning by grilling Secretary Austin on the thousands of military personnel he fired for noting taking the experimental COVID vaccines.  Today the military under Joe Biden and Lloyd Austin are not able to reach enlistment goals but they still won’t call back the men and women they unjustly fired for not taking the dangerous clot shots.

Matt Gaetz then was able to push General Milley to commit to ending his drag queen story hours on US military bases.

Matt Gaetz:  How much taxpayer money should go to funding drag queen story hours on military bases?

Lloyd Austin:  Drag queen story hour is not something the department funds.

Matt Gaetz:  Wait a second.  That’s not what the record seems to suggest…  Who funded these things?

Sec. Austin:  Listen drag shows is not something the Department of Defense supports or funds.

Matt Gaetz:  Then why are they having them on military bases?  I just showed you the evidence.  Why are they happening? MORE

16 Comments on Matt Gaetz Grills Military Brass on Drag Shows and Racism – General Milley Commits to End Drag Queen Story Hour on US Military Bases

  1. Matt Gaetz is a MAGA patriot. They came after him and he survived. Another Patriot the requires extreme protection.
    I’d like to see Milley Vanilly and the chimp stand trial with ex Seal as their judge and jury. And let them decide their fate.
    Trump nailed Milley long ago. The guys a fucking idiot. Mean while the guy committed several acts of treason against Trump and no reprocutions. What the F does it take? This guy certainly is not on our side.

  2. Austin’s a liar.

    Even if the DoD doesn’t “directly” fund the Pervert Extravaganzas they are using DoD facilities and DoD personnel – thus consuming DoD resources.
    And they are probably violating some security measures by admitting psychotic perverts onto the bases.

    Austin should be indicted, tried for treason, and hanged – the sooner the better. He is materially weakening the Armed Forces of the United States with malice aforethought.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. The closest that we ever got to having a drag queen on board the Kitty Hawk was on Mar.8,1974 (I had just turned 21 4 days earlier) during our Shellback initiation when we crossed S. of the Equator on our way to a port call in Mombasa, Kenya. And that was from a couple of guys with fake coconut boobs and blonde wigs that we had to kiss their toes as part of our initiation to become Shellbacks. And that was all play acting and it made for a great party on the flight deck afterwards with a large picnic lunch served to all the new Shellbacks. Thank God, that I only have to go thru that initiation once.

  4. I have one of the two Seattle “conservative” stations on the radio on my daily trip to the commuter train. The hosts on both have MULTIPLE TIMES played Matt Gaetz clips for the listeners to consider as something that supports the position they are taking, but each time have injected between the introduction of the clip and playing have made the comment: Matt Gaetz, whose views I do not generally support…

    So, they don’t generally support his views, but they find his expression of his views something that buttresses their position often enough that I noticed this pattern??????? Someone enlighten me.

  5. Remember the ship that pulled into Newport News with the (female) stripper named Cat Futch doing a dance for the sailors?

    The Captain was relieved and Court Martialed, I believe.

    He should sue for back pay and pension (if he’s still alive – and his progeny should if he’s not).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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