PBS reporter Jane Ferguson ‘violently assaulted’ on New York City subway: ‘Ear ringing and face on fire’ – IOTW Report

PBS reporter Jane Ferguson ‘violently assaulted’ on New York City subway: ‘Ear ringing and face on fire’

FOX: Award-winning PBS News reporter Jane Ferguson said she was “violently assaulted” by a man on the New York City subway this week, leaving her “ear ringing and face on fire” with a good Samaritan helping get her to safety. 

“At 6.30pm today I was violently assaulted on the NYC subway. A man walked up to me in a busy rush-hour car and punched me, hard, on the side of the face. I kneeled down on the floor in shock, and steadied myself, unsure what had just happened, my ear ringing and face on fire,” Ferguson tweeted Monday night. 

“The reason I’m tweeting this is, as I knelt on the floor, I felt an arm around my shoulder and a woman pulled me away. The young woman took me off the car at the next stop and to the police there at grand central station before giving me a hug and making sure I got home ok,” she continued before explaining she doesn’t know the person who came to her aid. 

“Her name is Samantha. I didn’t catch any other information as I was in shock and am sorry about that,” Ferguson wrote. “So Samantha who was on the number 4 express train between 59th st and grand central today at rush hour – thank you. New Yorkers are pretty great.” MORE HERE

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  1. This is the dystopia that you and your ilk created.

    I’m sure that a clever reporter like yourself can spin this attack so that either Trump, Christians, or the white patriarchy is to blame.

  2. What are the chances that every “Award-winning reporter”, should NOT be trusted.
    What are the awards for, Best Liar of the Year?
    So all MSM reporters are “Award-winning reporters”.

  3. Didn’t remember who Jane Ferguson was. So, as usual when I know know who people are talking about around here, I had to Ducky her and select images and then, okay, MAYBE I’ve seen her before? Then, my GAF’s disease kicked in and would you believe my GAF medicine pump alarm went off in my blewtooth ear bud and pegged the needle on my Tik Tok monitor wristwatch at 11? I had to bang it to reset the damn thing.

  4. She’s lucky he didn’t cripple or kill her with a closed head injury or a temporal bleed. Even strong, fit fighters who are expecting to take a hit and know how to do it can be brain injured for life or even killed this way.

    ht tps://made4fighters.com/blogs/beginner-guides-1/shocking-boxing-head-injury-statistics-you-shouldnt-ignore

    …it doesn’t always show up right away, either. Sometimes a brain bleed kills you well after the initial trauma. Your brain doesn’t have sensory nerves so you don’t “feel” it.

    …of course, given that she’s a Democrat shill who’s actually fool enough to believe her own propaganda enough to go on an NYC subway and NOT be on guard for sudden assault, there might be quite a bit of room for expansion in that skull considering the pea-sized “brain” inside it…

  5. “New Yorkers are pretty great” except the drug addled vagrant who tried to bash your skull in, who you created with public funds. Well thankfully you will still be publicly funded. Douche nozzle so shall you reap.

  6. …but this might have been a fun outcome for her too…

    “We report a case of a 34-year-old drunken male, who was found dead in his apartment. On scene inspection, the deceased body was found in the sitting position on a chair, and a massive arterial blood pattern was observed at the scene. First responders and the coroner visited the scene considered this case as a criminally suspicious due to arterial blood pattern on walls and excessive blood pool at the scene. At autopsy, a laceration was present on the left side of the scalp with an underlying transection of the left superficial temporalis artery. Subsequent histological examination of the arterial section established its transection and cellular response to injury. After careful perusal of CCTV camera footages, pre-autopsy CT, macroscopic examination of injury, histological examination of the transected artery, and toxicological analysis report, cause of death was given as exsanguination due to laceration of a superficial temporal artery following blunt force head trauma. ”

    ht tps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32927258/

    …intriguing to be sure, but more common is someone doesn’t feel well and decides to sleep it off, then is found weeks later in her spinster apartment by smell with her flyblown corpse still being gnawed by her dozens of cats, those that haven’t already joined her in death and likewise serve as a Fancy Feast to their brethren, that is…

  7. …perhaps this is a Democrat origin story…


    “Go down to ya neighbor’s place
    Ya see that dull expression on his face?
    You’d be doin’ him a favor if ya brought him to me
    He ain’t usin’ his brain he’s just watchin’ TV! (PBS)

    Brains, brains I wont lie!
    I’ll eat her brains till she’s zombiefied!
    Sure she might think it’s deranged
    But she won’t give it a thought
    After I’ve eaten her brain!”

  8. “So Samantha who was on the number 4 express train between 59th st and grand central today at rush hour – thank you. New Yorkers are pretty great.”

    ONE person helped her up, so naturally “all” “New Yorkers are great”.
    More than eighty people sat and watched this happen, it happens every day, they (the great new yorkers) just sat on their hands paying no attention.
    PBS sucks.

  9. @ Cmn¢¢guy MARCH 30, 2023 AT 12:15 AM

    In the former Soviet Union and behind the Iron Curtain every incompetent apparatchik you had to deal with was sitting in an office in which “awards” were stacked on top of awards and covered every wall. What they signify is that you are dealing with a loyal servant of The State. Nothing more.

    So it is with any and all “awards” these days. They mean nothing whatsoever to do with anything other than that they simply cannot be trusted.

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