Matt Gaetz Vows to End Disney’s $600 Million ‘Tax Cheat’ Loophole – IOTW Report

Matt Gaetz Vows to End Disney’s $600 Million ‘Tax Cheat’ Loophole


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has called for the Florida legislature to end Disney’s $600 million “tax cheat” loophole.

Gaetz explained in an op-ed that Walt Disney Corporation benefits from a Florida tax code loophole that has allowed the company to potentially avoid hundreds of millions of dollars in state corporate income taxes.

Former Florida House chairman of Finance and Tax wrote that Florida should join the majority of states in adopting combined reporting of state corporate income taxes.

The Florida conservative explained:

“This allows Florida to fully realize Disney’s corporate income taxes from as a proportion of their overall, or ‘combined’ reported income. more

9 Comments on Matt Gaetz Vows to End Disney’s $600 Million ‘Tax Cheat’ Loophole

  1. Tony, an acquaintance of ours is taking their family of 4 to Disney for a week. They said it’s going to cost over $35,000.

    WTF. These people are not well off by any stretch either.

    I was like no way, it can’t be.. really?


    again, WTF.

  2. I’m really sick of this grand standing prick running off at the mouth. How the hell is a member of Congress going to effect Florida tax law? He isn’t and I’m so tired of the right falling for his shenanigans.

  3. ” Tony R APRIL 10, 2022 AT 2:19 PM
    In an unrelated story, Disney just announced that effective immediately, admission to its theme parks will be increased to $1500 per person per day.”

    At least it will just be the pedos and pedo-supporting customers.

    The only ones they’ll have left.


    @ Durka durka

    The multi state angle of taxation is exactly where the fed gov can effect this FED loophole. No state gov entity can do anything about that aspect.


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