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Mattress Sail

Emma Sulkowicz will carry this mattress until her alleged rapist is expelled

Student vows to carry mattress everywhere until her alleged rapist is expelled

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  1. On one hand: rape is awful.
    On the other COLUMBIA U!

    Sorry, hon: ya gets whatcha pays for.
    That should convince your future employers.

    Live by the Leftist rule…live WITH the Leftist rule.

  2. “…up until now Columbia could just push these things under the rug and no one would know…”

    Hey, why not carry a small protest carpet around instead? Oh, wait. That would piss off tbe muslims and lesbians.

  3. I would think that between 23 fathers one would be able to figure out how to effectively manage this problem.

  4. I assume she went to the police as well and they would not charge the man…is that correct? He couldn’t be on campus if he was in jail for rape…right?

    Any where to go to get more detailed info other than Time Mag, cause they suck worse than pmsnbc.

  5. Something smells fishy about this story – no pun intended.

    If she were raped why not take it to the police instead of the college Dean?

    It seems more like a art project promotion than a protest.

  6. That’s OK scizzorbill, the mattress is loaded.
    Loaded with what only God knows!

  7. Even Columbia doesn’t want serial rapists on campus …

    unless he’s a negro or a moslem.

  8. Good thing she didn’t own a California King.

  9. Article doesn’t indicate the race and nationality of the rapists. Maybe Columbia is afraid of being raaacist or islamophobes and does shovel rapes under the rug.

    In the good old days it was just the star football players who got off the hook. (sarc)

  10. OK, She was in her dorm room with him and he started anal and she said no, but he didn’t stop. She waited some amount of time to file a sexual assault charge because she was ashamed until she found two other girls the same dude did wrong and the 3 decided to all charge him together.

    I guess it comes down to he said she said with zero physical evidence.

  11. Gosh. So all C Lo has to do is wait for her to fall asleep on it?

  12. and one of the girls in the time video has one of those “like fer sure” with a growl accent speech thing that makes me want to shoot my computer!

    Take valium before you watch it.

  13. She looks like she’s ready to provide curb-side service.

  14. I have two kids in college now. I’ve advised both to take saltpeter until graduation as pretty much any sexual congress on campus is loaded with the potential that it will land you in the hooskow these days.

  15. Look up the new law that Moonbeam is about to sign in California. Pretty much allows any gal who’s had had a drink and wound up in the sack, or unsatisfactory sex, or anger because he never called again, to throw a guy away for the rest of his life.

    Again, saltpeter.

  16. I watched about 3/4 of the video and got tired of hearing her talk about her “thesis” when what I want to hear is did she go to the emergency room, did they use rape kit to gather DNA, did the police become involved, and why no charges have been filed.

    Given the proliferation of lefty hoaxes on campus, the burden is on this women to come up with the physical evidence – not a thesis for her Visual Arts degree. Sorry, I hope if you were raped you get justice, but this strikes me as overly self serving.

  17. Which is not to say that rape isn’t an atrocity. It is. Rapists belong in jail or chemically castrated, or both.

    But The State is inserting itself again in an area where too few facts exist (see Ferguson, MO) and the collateral damage, as with most Leftie plots, will be epic in proportion.

  18. Bedbug Emma will have really pulled off a stunt if she gets Melissa Harris Perry to wear little mattress earrings.

  19. Be be be prepared the motto of the boy scouts, be be be prepared the motto of the scouts! Prepared prepared the motto of the boy scouts, prepared prepared the motto of the scouts, HEY!

  20. if the dude wanted FrenchFuck so bad, find a nancy who would be grateful and never file charges…lol.

  21. Like a couple others mentioned, I find it unbelievably coincidental that she’s a Visual Arts major. If she WAS raped, I hope his dick rots off.

  22. She’s carrying her mattress around trying to depict herself as Christ with the cross. Did she immediately go to the police? Apparently she didn’t go to the cops at all. She says Columbia is trying to bury the accusation but I suspect that’s not true as they are a truly progressive left institution and if the accused were guilty he’d be hung, drawn and quartered. I wonder whether this has more to do with the class action suit she joined? Of course trying a criminal offense (which this would be if Columbia were deliberately dumping the charges) in civil lessens the burden of proof which is advantageous to the plaintiffs. I wonder if the local DA could direct the cops to investigate in order to get to the truth whatever it turns out to be.

  23. If true, the rapist’s daddy is obviously an alum who donates ton of money to the university.

    But why go through all the trouble carrying a mattress? Something like a campaign sign with the dude’s face on It with “Rapist” in red below his mug would be much more effective. Otherwise, people might think she likes to take a lot of naps.

  24. Why didn’t she puke on him through her rape whistle? Shit/piss on him? That’s what the victim disarmament druids want for the the rest of us.


  25. She was raped? Why hasn’t she been stoned to death yet?

  26. The dean and perhaps others are being paid off.

  27. Just a quick internet search and this turns up. Zoe Ridolfi-Starr is another one of the alleged victims.

    Beside the fact that she didn’t report any crime for 8 months, one is known by the company they keep.

    “Zoe Ridolfi-Starr grew up in San Jose, California with her younger brother and two loving, lesbian moms. She attended her first protest as an 8 month old and has been passionate and dedicated activist for reproductive justice ever since. Zoe cares deeply about the ending the school-to-prison pipeline, fighting rape culture and sexual violence, and securing LGBT*Q rights. Zoe currently studies Political Science at Columbia University in New York City. She enjoys dancing, great conversations, and dumplings.”

  28. Visual Arts major? Yeah she got raped…by Colombia University.

  29. And it looks like the whole damnable clan has been raised to believe that you need to become a celebrity victim. Thanks to the internet it is getting pretty easy to find these impostors out.

    It’s an ideal shared by Dashiel Ridolfi-Starr, the 17-year-old son of Linda Starr and Cookie Ridolfi of San Jose, who have been a couple for 25 years. The high school senior and his older sister were conceived through artificial insemination. While his mothers have no immediate plans to marry, the whole family is fixated on the case.

    “It would allow my family to have the same opportunities that every other family has and to be perceived as every other family is,” Ridolfi-Starr said, “not just some makeshift collection of relatives.”

  30. If three girls said the same man rapped them I would have to think the charges are correct. Of course the fact that she waited so long to report it causes me to wonder why. And why didn’t she go to the police? Did she think she would be expelled if she did.

    And the final and biggest thing about this is who are the parents of this guy and how much do they donate to the university? When that is known the answers to all questions will be answered. Keep track of all new buildings going up at the school for the next couple of years and watch who they name them after!

  31. “Emma Sulkowicz.”

    That wouldn’t happen to be an aptonymn, would it?

  32. I know others commented similarly, but if she was my daughter I would be awaiting trial. What gives?

  33. @greetingfromyonkers—

    Oooh, “aptonym”! New word for me! As in “Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe, Attorneys at Law”.

    Thank you very much!

  34. It looks like it’s OK to open carry at Columbia

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