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Three Down, Three to Go

CBS news political analyst, John Dickerson, has written off Democrat Senate seats in W. Virginia, S. Dakota and Montana. RealClearPolitics agrees with that assessment.  Even the NYT  is predicting Republicans will retake the Senate in November.

Surly they can pick up three or more seats (ex. Louisiana, Arkansas, North Carolina, Iowa) in the Senate in November.

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  1. Like I said on the other thread, the DNC is sending down Little Geeorgie Snuffaluffagus to ruin the October NC debate. He knows how to make up October surprises real good!

  2. “Surly they can pick up three or more seats”

    If anybody can screw it up, the RNC can.

    Much as I’ve lost hope in the RNC, it is vital that we hold our noses and go to the polls. I realize that RINO’s are reprehensible, and I understand not wanting to vote for them…but the thought of another two years of harry f reid as majority leader is not to borne.

  3. If the GOP does take the Senate, they better dispose of toothless McConnell as leader….the Party needs a newer approach than trotting out all those old dawgs like McCain, Alexander, and the rest of the mental midgets….same goes for the House. Fake-tan Boehner needs to be dumped as Speaker….worthless trash. This is the last chance the GOP has to correct glaring errors in judgment.

  4. It is just a game until I start seeing Constitutional conservatives kick both the Republican elite and Democrat asses to the curb. I have less use for a Republican elite, backstabbing four flusher than I do for most Democrats. At least the Democrats are honest to those whose votes they covet.

    Not that I would vote for a Democrat, but I am also done voting for Republicans who are progressives as well. Period. Full stop.

    I was in Ellensburg last weekend for Eburg Rodeo and Kititas County Fair and Dave Reichert was over there campaigning. I felt like sticking my foot out and tripping him when he went by in the parade.

  5. Thank you JD-nothing is going to fucking change when the Rs take over. Now instead of Reid killing any bills getting from the House to committee in the Senate, IF and that’s a HUGE fucking if, anything comes down the pike that might nudge us off our nightmare heading, Obama will not only veto it, he and his puppet master will make it appear as though he’s saving the country from the evil conservatives.

    When we have Constitutional conservatives running Congress, men that will give as good as REgressives spew and that’s another HUGE if, then and only then can we not just tap the GD brakes on the last 100+ years of REgressivism but maybe, actually start to roll it back.

  6. NC is a toss up between a smarmy, elitist RINO progressive – Tillis and a rabid, leftist, progressive Obamabot – Hagan. Not compromising anymore. I will write in the strong conservative candidate I voted for in republican primary – it wasn’t Tillis.
    Tillis and Hagan are debating tonight, moderated by Norah O’Donnell at 7:00 pm eastern and I won’t be watching.

  7. @MM – You Pollyanna, you! Even with Constitutional conservatives running congress, they will be unable to do anything substantive to take apart the bureaucratic / regulatory statist Hydra-headed Leviathan. It is far too late to recover our liberty by working within the system.

  8. Uncle Al, well believe me, I am one heavily armed mofo and if TSHTF, I plan on putting any and every fucking REgressive in my crosshairs….GOT THAT NSA?

    But until that moment…

  9. I hate to be a party pooper, but I WILL NOT vote for Lamar Alexander. For the very first time in my 52 years, I will vote for the Democrat, whoever the hell he is. I have to think I’m not alone.

  10. I think the GOP will take the Senate however it will turn into a political disaster if the RINO’s try to shut down the conservative members and work with the Dems and the President instead of trying to undo the damage the Democrats have done in the last 6 or more years (and if we are to be honest some of the damage that President Bush is responsible for ie: Medicare part B). If infighting occurs and is nasty and stalls the Senate then the ramification od this on 2016 could be catastrophic. The Dems could get all three and if Hillary gets in….

  11. I hate to be a party pooper, but I WILL NOT vote for Lamar Alexander. For the very first time in my 52 years, I will vote for the Democrat, whoever the hell he is. I have to think I’m not alone.

    You dam’ betcha. If I’m going to have a U. S. Senator that votes like a Democrat, then Ay Gad, I want a professional!

    I’m tired of guessing which way Lamar and Bob are gonna vote.

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